Young at Any Age

Idaho Center for Regenerative Medicine Helps Clients Look and Feel Their Best

by Liza Long, photography by Jim Peterson

When I first met Dr. Robert Haake at his Eagle clinic, I thought he had stepped right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. His jovial smile, boundless energy, and friendly manner put me instantly at ease, but I was quickly immersed in one of the most fascinating—and important—conversations I’ve had in a while. It soon became clear that Dr. Haake’s approach to wellness and aging is anything but traditional.

The Idaho Center for Regenerative Medicine’s treatment philosophy embraces the idea that we don’t have to age gracefully. Instead, by proactively adopting a lifestyle focused on wellness and body health, we can actually keep our youthful energy and appearance well into our later years. And it all starts with the food we eat.

“A diet that is carbohydrate and calorie dense can lead to inflammation, which is the root cause of all disease,” Dr. Haake told me. “Many of my clients already understand this when they come to me. They are already doing the right things—eating paleo, exercising. I help them to feel even better.”

Dr. Haake’s holistic approach also involves metabolic screenings for things many of us might miss—low levels of hormones or micronutrients, for example. “Our level ranges for things like testosterone or thyroid hormones are based on the labs of older, sicker people,” he said. “Your doctor may have told you that your level was in the ‘normal’ range, but too often, you’re not at your optimal range. That can make a big difference in your quality of life.”

Dr. Haake, an osteopath by training, practiced as a nephrologist for several years. When his family relocated to Idaho in 2009, he worked as a hospitalist and nephrologist while becoming board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Although his practice embraces alternative approaches, he is not opposed to traditional medicine when it’s appropriate or necessary. “A traditional approach focuses on pathology, or disease,” he said. “I prefer to focus my practice on health.”

He first became interested in using evidence-based, alternative approaches to performance enhancement when his two sons became baseball stars. Both played in the minor leagues. “All of my children were good athletes,” he said. “I found that diet, nutrition, the right kinds of exercise really could make a difference. Nutrition at its root is biochemistry. We have to give the body what it needs.”

The Center’s typical patients are 30-65 year olds who are in relatively good shape and either want to improve their performance or to maintain their good health and vitality as they age. Dr. Haake is especially proud of the fact that 30 of his patients are fellow physicians.

Dr. Haake’s team all shares his philosophy of holistic, integrative medicine. They’re also athletes: Dr. Brad Gilman competes in triathlons; nurse practitioner Lindsey Wells has earned pro status in the International Federation of Body Building in the bikini division. Todd Woodward and Tara Rothwell, both physician assistants, are equally committed to a holistic, health-based approach.

“I want people to know that they don’t have to feel sick. They can live healthy, active, vital lives,” Dr. Haake said.

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Idaho Center for Regenerative Medicine’s Five-Step Plan for a Younger You

  1. A modified paleo plate full of locally sourced fruits and vegetables and lean proteins will give you the kind of energy your body needs. Processed foods and grains can actually damage your body, making you age faster.
  2. A daily multivitamin is a good start. But many people are deficient in key micronutrients that help cells to repair and restore themselves. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega-3 oils, and iodine are all important for Idahoans.
  3. Bioidentical hormones. If you lack energy, it could very well be a problem with your hormones. From low testosterone in men to hypothyroidism in women, many patients have not been treated because their levels fall in the “normal” range, yet they still experience symptoms that can be alleviated through treatment.
  4. A good night of high quality sleep is absolutely essential to health. Good sleep hygiene and adequate rest can make you feel years younger.
  5. The best kind of exercise for maintaining youthful energy is a HIT (high intensity training) workout 3-4 times per week, coupled with regular resistance training and stretching.








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