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Eagle resident Lindsi Sanor gives you an ultimatum.

Story by Dani Allsop
Photography Courtesy of Ultimatum

As a mother of four, Lindsi Sanor knows what it is like to be constantly on the go, with little time for herself. Despite her little free time, she doesn’t use this as an excuse to skip a workout.

“We all have time, and we all make time for those things that are important to us, so make exercise important,” Sanor says. “When you break it down, you’re only taking a small amount of time during the day for yourself.”

For the past ten years, this Borah high graduate has been training friends and family. Four years ago, she became a certified personal trainer, a certified strength and conditioning coach, and a certified life coach.

“I’ve always been an athlete and it first started with my friends and family coming to me and saying, ‘well, how can I do this? How can I do that?’ and [training] just came naturally.”
In December of 2013, Sanor released “Ultimatum,” an eight-part DVD workout series she developed and instructs in, which combines cardio and weights in forty-five minute increments.

“I have a unique way of training and I think it is a training program that is not on the market,” Sanor says. “I think it is going to allow everyone to reach their goals.”

What makes Ultimatum unique is that it allows for each user to modify their workout to what best fits their needs and goals, instead of having to keep up with a pace that is uncomfortable for them.
“You can modify everything, so you don’t have to go at my pace,” Sanor tells me. “We have all different kinds of fitness levels in [Ultimatum], so you can pick somebody and go at their level, and as you gradually get bigger and stronger and faster, you can pick somebody else and go at their speed.”

Sanor recommends beginners start with eight-pound weights, and as you become stronger, you can increase your weight as well.
“I try to keep it moving. The minute you feel like your legs can’t go anymore, we change to arms so you can keep going,” Sanor says. “It’s all about modification and making it to your fitness level, and these videos can do that.”

Since its release, the success Ultimatum has produced has far exceeded Sanor’s expectations, with the DVD now available in several different states and two countries. It has also made its way, like all things these days, to

Part of that success can be attributed to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, which have helped expand Sanor’s audience reach. Word of mouth throughout the Treasure Valley has been equally helpful in Ultimatum, and Sanor’s personal success.

Sanor hopes her DVD can encourage those who struggle with maintaining a consistent workout regimen to understand workouts aren’t meant to be torture.

“The more fun you can have during a workout and the more you push yourself during that workout, the longer you will stay with it. We crave to do better and be better, doing these DVD’s will give you that!”

For more information Lindsi and Ultimatum, find Lindsi on Twitter @5starlindsi, on Facebook by doing a search for “Ultimatum”, or on the web at








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