Where the Eagles Fly

by Ed Camp, Photography courtesy of Eagle Magazine

Living in the Eagle foothills offers residents a unique quality of life. If you enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding mountain ranges, sweeping valley vistas, wildlife, and the absence of mosquitoes, this place might be right for you.

As a decade-long resident of the Willow Creek Area foothills, I have learned there is much to appreciate  Where else can you have a country retreat away from the noise yet only minutes from the amenities of a city?  This lifestyle requires no second home to get away from it all when you choose to put down roots in the foothills.

An added bonus, due to the geographical uniqueness, soil, and climate, is the granting of the Willow Creek Viticultural Appellation. This designation will have a positive impact on the local wine industry, which includes 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards, the future Whispering Hills Vineyard, and other boutique Idaho vineyards. Vineyards, grazing horses, and open space with views that bring a peace only nature can retrieve are all part of living in the Eagle foothills.

Building or buying an existing residence in the foothills requires a knowledge of water rights, wells, septic systems, soil composition, easement trails, road maintenance, public lands, and future development to name a few issues potential homeowners need to be aware of. Questions concerning local well depths, production of gallons per minute, acquiring water rights, domestic rights, permitted land use, and CC&Rs, can all affect cost and/or purchase price.  Having a knowledgeable realtor to serve you  will promote informed decisions that will benefit your purchase of a lifetime.

Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the reasons for choosing to purchase acreage property.  Not long ago, people who lived on an acreage property generally owned livestock and and farmed. However, now residents are seeking the expansive views and sense of space. My wife, daughter, and I have enjoyed riding our horses over vast areas of the foothills. My daughter became an accomplished rider.  My wife Jane and I have since traded our horses for mountain bikes, enjoying the trails in a different way.

Although most of the acreage lots in the foothills are 5-10 acres, it’s a misconception that maintenance will be time consuming In fact, since I live on a 10-acre lot, I can testify that there is less yardwork than that of most of my friends in town. A relatively small yard surrounded by natural habitat allows me the joy of maintaining my space with effort that does not consume my time. We have a new neighbor building in our neighborhood who has chosen the zero landscaping option. Besides keeping the land natural, other land use options include pasture, tree farming, vineyards, and row crops.

With a limited number of acreage foothill view properties in the Eagle Foothills, living “where the Eagles fly” will continue to be a rewarding and special place to live.


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