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Brooks Broth

By Chelsea Chambers  Photos Heather James

We spend most of our lives avoiding trouble and mishaps. We make calculated moves, plan ahead, and take care of our bodies in the best ways we know how. But try as we might, we just can’t prepare for everything, and the truth is—it is during hardship that we experience the most growth. Challenges often change the direction of our lives and remind us of what’s important.

For Vicki and Brooks Haden, a car accident altered the course of their lives, but for the better. What began as a challenging, physical journey through months of recovery and surgery, resulted in the creation of an entirely new business with the help of their friend Deb Lester.

Two years ago, Vicki was struck by a car while crossing the road. She was badly injured. Luckily, Deb knew just the trick—bone broth, proven to help speed recovery time and help the body heal. “My orthopedic surgeon recommended I up my protein intake to speed the healing process,” Vicki shared. The chicken bone broth not only provided the protein I needed, but a surprise bonus was the collagen in the broth that has helped my surgical scarring diminish in appearance!”

The trio set to work, preparing and selling delicious bone broths with all-natural, organic, and local ingredients. Each broth is simmered for 48 hours, twice as long as most broths on the market, and is perfect for adding into recipes or drinking on its own.

Thanks to the generous help of Rembrandt’s owners, Dale Willman and CJ Cacioppo, Brooks Broth was able to get their start in the restaurant’s commercial kitchen. This allowed them to develop their product and expand their offerings, including selling at local Farmers Markets. The team now has their own kitchen in Garden City and can now be found throughout the Treasure Valley, including Albertson Market Street and Broadway, and Boise Co-Op.

“We are humbled by the community’s support in our small business! We love the enthusiasm our customers have when shopping at local merchants to purchase our broth, including Maison Blue, Porterhouse, and Olive & Vine here in Eagle,” says Brooks. “As well as Choice Cuts Fresh and Smoked Meats in Meridian.”

Brooks Broth also has products for your feathered and furry family members! Their natural, human-grade broth (Deb’s Gourmet Pet Broth) is great for all kinds of animals. “We have video testimonials of dog owners where in one case, their senior dog was not eating and in poor health. After adding 1/4 cup of Deb’s Gourmet Pet Broth to dry kibble, their dog gained its appetite back and has no more skin allergies or inflammation caused by its previous wet food diet,” Deb said. “We also have exotic bird owners who take the chicken bone broth and create a “mush” food that their birds devour! Results have been clear skin and glossy, softer feathers.”

Moreover, Brooks Broth gives back; 5% of every dollar received from sales goes to help fund outdoor wilderness therapy programs that save the lives of teens and young adults at risk to suicidal tendencies and depression.

The team plans to expand their operations onto the East Coast in the near future. For more information about Brooks Broth, visit them online at BrooksBroth.com.








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