Warming Up with Whiskey

Seasonal Cocktails and Comfort Food for the Senses

By Brittney Byrne

Photos Kimberlee Miller

The weather is cooling down and as fall turns into winter, mojitos and margaritas are replaced with the warmth of whiskey paired with seasonal spices and complimentary fruits and citruses. Your summer salads are being traded in for hearty comfort food. At Grit, right here in Eagle, the options for both comforting food and drink awaken your senses with their attention to detail and unique palette.

One of the gems that sets Grit apart is their signature whiskeys. Working hand-in-hand with local distillery, 8 Feathers, they have crafted two delicious and unique whiskey flavors that can be found in their on-menu cocktails along with seasonal favorites. The Daywalker is cured in an uncharred barrel, aged for two years, then an additional year after the infusion of orange and vanilla. The second whiskey is aged in a charred barrel and after two years, an additional nine-month age with a specialty blend of spices and peaches to create their Spiced Peach Whiskey. Along with their own creations, they keep things local with the spices and produce in as many dishes as they can. Their food is American favorites with an upscale twist that balances every note on the taste buds.

Meagan Walker, one of the fantastic bartenders on staff, gave us a sneak peek into two of her seasonal creations using the Grit exclusive whiskey. With the popularity of Whiskey Sours, she has created two plays on the classic. Using the Daywalker Whiskey, with hints of orange and vanilla, she adds in a touch of cinnamon, clove, and allspice, and a dash of maple syrup for the traditional simple syrup. She finishes off with egg whites for a frothy smooth cocktail. Her creation is call “The Sour Relative,” she says is a nod to the “grumpy uncle at Holiday parties.” Her second concoction that can be found on the seasonal menu is a Pomegranate Whiskey Sour. Her use of the seasonal fruit muddled with fresh squeezed lemon, house-made simple syrup, and once again her secret egg white go to, is a sweet and tart pair for the Spiced Peach Whiskey. She serves the cocktails shaken as to activate the citrus and give you a smooth and frothed consistency.

Every good cocktail needs a dish to compliment it and they have done just that with two additions to the menu to warm you up this season. Paul Faucher had us drooling as he divulged the ingredients in the dishes. A Faro salad with the crimson, tart, crunch of pomegranate seeds alongside brussels sprouts, bacon, and creamy butternut squash. Looking for something warm and hearty? You’ll want to try the local favorite “Grit Dip.” Piled high with smoked and shaved Kobe beef, fried onions, Grit’s exceptional pepper jam, and served alongside bacon chipotle au jus. These dishes are sure to satisfy with fresh ingredients and unexpected pairings of flavor that delight the senses.

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