Whole Body Cryotherapy

    Biohacking your way to better health and vitality

    By Chelsea Chambers

    Photography by Kimberlee Miller

    Whole Body Cryotherapy is not your traditional healing method, but it has been making waves for itself in the industry. Whole Body Cryotherapy is extremely effective at reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and promoting your body’s natural healing process.

    So, what exactly is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

    Whole Body Cryotherapy is fast and painless, yet the results are outstanding. Simply put, your body is surrounded by extreme cold temperatures (-210+ degrees) for a short period of time (2.5-3 min) creating a reaction from your skin receptors to your brain to induce healing throughout the body. These low temperatures (below -180F) are what separates cryotherapy from cold therapy like ice baths, cold showers, and ice packs which all have their own benefits.  To get the “Cryo” effect you have to hit the extremely low temps which are what triggers the body to make the necessary blood changes. Benefits can be seen for both acute injuries and chronic inflammatory conditions including reducing arthritis pain and nerve-irritations, soothe muscle tension, preparing and recovering from stressful events, among many other benefits due to the dramatic drop in inflammation.  Since most health challenges are due to inflammation it only makes sense to lower inflammation and eliminate the causes if you want to get better which is what Boise Cryotherapy specializes in.

    Cryotherapy is popping up everywhere, and the Treasure Valley is no exception. Dr. Jason Watson has been providing cryotherapy to the Valley for the past 8 yrs. Dr. Watson’s focus for the past 13 years in practice has been to reduce inflammation and eliminate as many of the causes as possible. The reason he decided to pursue cryotherapy is through reading research in Europe and the success they had been seeing utilizing whole body cryotherapy for the past three decades.  When Dr. Watson started utilizing Cryotherapy, he was the third person in the United States to use and perform the service.  Today he has two locations in the treasure valley and there are more than 800 others now in the US alone.

    Boise Cryotherapy provides Whole Body Cryotherapy, Oxygen Therapy, PEMF Therapy, Vibration Therapy, and Cryo T Shock services. “If you want to be the best you both in looks and how you feel with no pain, great sleep, and increased energy then try our top notch biohacking services. I have witnessed profound changes utilizing these services in not only my patients health, but I myself have been able to turn the clock back decreasing my internal age by 13 years younger than my biological age verified with telomere testing; the gold standard test for aging.” states Dr. Watson.. “Our services are for anyone who wants to feel better, look better, and function better.” Below is a glimpse into other services they provide.

    • PEMF Therapy – pulsed-electromagnetic field therapy which donates electrons to the treated area increasing energy to the cells which accelerates healing of the tissue. This is great for bone fractures, muscle and ligament tears, pain, and problematic joints/areas of the body.

    • Live 02 (Oxygen Therapy) – Saturate the body with oxygen which is required for healing in function. This therapy has similar effect of hyperbaric oxygen, however much faster and less expensive. Excellent for both chronic conditions and athletes who want improved performance.

    • Cryo T Shock – An innovative and versatile anti-aging service to treat localized fat, reduce cellulite, and tone and tighten the skin. It uses state-of-the-art thermography and cryotherapy (thermal shock) to reshape the body. (Cosmetic service)

    • Whole Body Support- Includes testing and support to address the most common causes of inflammation.  Food allergy testing, omega 3 testing, structural support, heavy metal testing, science based nutrition, and detoxing.

    Urie Layser, Eagle Magazine’s Sales Director, recently underwent cryotherapy. This is what he has to say about it, “I was surprised to discover the multitude of benefits that cryotherapy has on the body. I have a few injuries, including tendonitis in my arm and other joint injuries. I am now looking into a long-term plan with cryotherapy to help reduce inflammation and to expedite my recovery.”









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