A Public Promise to Live by a Higher Standard

    By Kayli Corbin

    Photography by Kimberlee Miller

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EOCC) quotes that at least 25 percent of women experience sexual harassment in the workplace. And the EEOC’s study found that, in some reports, that number can reach up to 85 percent. While our headlines filled with stories of sexual misconduct by high profile businesses and celebrities, WeVow identified a commonality in those experiences – the workplace.

    WeVow is a membership-based product that vows to elevate how business is done by empowering organizations to build a culture of safety, trust, and zero tolerance for sexual misconduct. We had the opportunity to speak with Matt Pipkin, the Founder and CEO of WeVow, and he is actively working to decrease the staggering numbers provided by the EOCC.

    What does a membership to WeVow include?

    • WeVow Member Seal – The WeVow Member Seal serves as an organization’s public promise to live by a higher standard, which can be leveraged internally and externally – on the organization’s front door, till, website, collateral, handbook, etc.  Members can also leverage the seal to attract and retain talent and build customer loyalty.
    • Incident Reporting Platform – WeVow’s incident reporting platform makes reporting and resolving incidents of sexual misconduct simple, efficient, and effective for both the employee and HR. 
    • Wellness Counseling – WeVow Membership provides an organization’s employees with 5 free counseling sessions per year for any incident of sexual misconduct experienced at any time in the employee’s life.
    • Comprehensive Resources – WeVow Membership provides the organization with information and definitions to include in employee handbooks and provides employees with information regarding how to define sexual misconduct, how to report, how to get help, and other pertinent material.  

    What does the future hold?

    • Online employee training videos – WeVow Membership will soon include premium quality, engaging, relevant employee training videos accessible to all employees (at no additional cost).
    • Non-employee access for churches, schools, nonprofits, and events – In addition to employee account access, WeVow Membership will soon offer a non-employee access to the Incident Reporting Platform, which will serve as a solution for churches, schools, nonprofits, and events to protect their congregations, students, volunteers, attendees, and the organization on a long-term or as-needed basis.

    Matt shared a great summary of the current climate around this subject, “There’s a lot of anger and fear in the realm of sexual misconduct, and WeVow transcends all of it. WeVow is focused on the future, elevating how business is done in order to protect employees, organizations, and leadership. I’m really proud of how WeVow has turned out, and I think it’s really going to be a powerful tool to attract talent, keep it, and elevate how business is done.” Matt’s journey started with founding the non-profit, Speak Your Silence. For the last six years he has focused on giving a voice to those affected by sexual abuse and assault. He envisioned a way to identify and label a workplace as safe, and WeVow was born.

    For more information on becoming a member and cultivating healthy environments for everyone, check out WeVow’s website or Instagram and explore the role it could play in your company!










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