Specialty Labs Introduces Mobile Services

    Quick, Easy and Onsite Lab Testing

    by Sara Mitton Cox, photos by Jim Peterson

    Specialty Labs in Eagle has offered an alternative for patients needing lab work across the Treasure Valley for the last six years. Patients can bring their doctor’s orders into the relaxing spa-like environment, lay back in a reclining chair, and have their blood drawn. The lab specializes in making things comfortable and calm for you and giving you fast results at a competitive price.

    Now, they are adding mobile services, traveling to the location of your choice, to offer greater comfort and ease. “We have found that people are wanting convenience to match their busy lifestyles,” said Becky Dembowski, Specialty Labs Patient Liaison. “We want to give people the freedom of not interrupting their schedules.”

    Dembowski explains that the mobile unit will be especially convenient for people who have to get regular blood draws. It will also be a great comfort to people who have fear or anxiety when it comes to needles. The hospital environment can make people more anxious, especially kids, Dembowski said. Now, with a call to Specialty Labs, they come to you. Certified phlebotomists can take blood in a child’s bedroom where they are surrounded by things that make them comfortable. Or, they can come to your office and be in and out quickly.

    “Fasting for lab work is also a hard thing for people. They are completely out of their routine because they can’t eat as they normally do and people would have to leave the hospital or doctor’s office hungry and maybe not feeling well,” explained Dembowski. “At our office in Eagle, we offer small snacks and a beverage for people who need it right away. But the mobile unit lets people be in their own kitchen or wherever they choose.”

    Rapid and accurate results is another benefit. “Our healthcare professionals make sure to process samples right away, giving people more accurate results,” said Dembowski. In most cases, results are available to your doctor within 24 hours.

    Specialty Labs also accepts all major insurance. “And pricing is competitive, usually much less than other labs,” said Dembowski. The mobile testing does require an additional fee, which varies by location. She encourages people to call and inquire for more information. ”The next time your doctor orders labs, we would encourage you to give the mobile unit a try,” Dembowski said. “Let us come to you.  No more rushing around, or waiting in line. We put your needs first.”

    Walk-ins are welcome at the Specialty Labs Eagle office, though calling ahead for an appointment is encouraged. Mobile unit appointments can be scheduled quickly, sometimes the same day. In addition to regular blood testing, Specialty Labs can do cultures and genetic testing.

    For a full list of services, or to schedule an appointment, visit specialtylabtests.com or call 939-3555.






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