Richard Nalder, “The Profit” of Barbershops

The barber entrepreneur changing the game

Richard Nalder, the founder of Redlan’s Gentlemen’s Grooming, has embarked on a remarkable journey since the inception of his quaint shop on First Street in Eagle, Idaho. What started as a humble venture has evolved into a thriving business empire, with Nalder at the helm of innovation and growth.

In an interview with Eagle Magazine in December 2016, Nalder shared insights into his burgeoning business. Fast forward to the present day, and his success story has only gained momentum. With over nine crewmates and an expansion to a new location near Ahi Sushi, Nalder’s Redlan Cuts has become a cornerstone of the Eagle community.

But Nalder’s influence extends beyond the confines of his own shop. Recognizing his acumen for business and keen eye for spotting untapped potential, companies across the United States have sought his expertise as a consultant. Much like the famed TV show “The Profit,” Nalder steps into struggling salons, identifies inefficiencies, and transforms them into profitable enterprises. From Texas to California, his regional reach is testament to his prowess in revitalizing businesses.

However, Nalder’s success story is not without its challenges. The barbering industry faces significant headwinds, with projections indicating a 30% shrinkage in numbers.
In contrast, med spas are expected to see a 17% increase. Despite these industry shifts, Nalder remains steadfast in his commitment to local businesses, urging communities to support and embrace the tradition of regular grooming.

Central to Nalder’s success is his dedicated team of employees, who embody loyalty and passion for their craft. Together, they deliver an unparalleled experience to customers, blending traditional barbering techniques with modern amenities such as straight razor finishes and hot towel rituals.

Yet, behind every successful entrepreneur lies a personal story of serendipity. In Nalder’s case, it was a chance encounter at hair school that led to the most significant partnership of all—his marriage. As a student in cosmetology school, Nalder was introduced to his future wife by a cosmetology instructor. Nalder’s journey is not only one of professional growth but also personal fulfillment.

As Richard Nalder continues to leave an indelible mark on the grooming industry, his story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. With passion, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, he has transformed a humble barber shop into a regional powerhouse, leaving a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of his shop doors.


Nalder remains steadfast in his commitment to local businesses, urging communities to support and embrace the tradition of regular grooming.

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