Kids Communicate

    Providing Pediatric Speech, Language and Feeding Therapy

    By Kayli Corbin

    Photography by Kimberlee Miller

    Kara Leach, MA, CCC- SLP, is a local Speech Language Pathologist who helps children with a wide range of speech, language, and/or feeding delays/disorders. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Mrs. Leach relocated to Boise and has loved growing her private practice here. Her clinic, Kids Communicate, opened to the public in July of 2018 and has been growing rapidly ever since!

    Finding Her Calling

    Mrs. Leach has always had a love for the sciences, language, and pediatrics. She spent time during college studying special education, language-arts, pre-medical studies, and journalism. After coming across a speech language pathologist working with a child who had autism, she found her niche. She was intrigued by the neurological development of children and obtained her Speech – Language Pathology Degree from Western Washington University in 2004.


    There are a wide variety of tools and tactics used in speech therapy. Mrs. Leach prides herself in finding the root cause of oral motor and/or sensory disorders which can affect swallowing, feeding, or speech skills in children. In certain instances, traditional speech therapy may not provide the results families are looking for. In those instances, a more in-depth understanding of oral motor control and strength and its relationship to the sensory system can provide significant results. TalkTools is an amazing resource utilizes by Kids Communicate that integrates the sensory and motor systems in unique ways. It works muscles used for feeding and speech – which are often co-existing deficits.

    Mrs. Leach acknowledges the fact that ‘success’ means something unique and individual for every patient she works with. She views her role as the facilitator of that success, whether it’s six months of therapy or a much longer relationship. She shares, “It’s my job to set them up for that success, and to build on it… whether it’s teaching a child with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Hearing Loss, or a typically developing child with an articulation disorder… I may be the guide, but it’s the children and their families steering the wheel to success.”

    Passion in the Practice

    This clinic has been a dream come true for Mrs. Leach. Her passion for her patients is apparent in the immense understanding she has gained, the methodology she chooses to implement, and the environment she creates for the families she works with. She is dedicated and determined to provide therapy the way she knows is right – giving every one of her patients the attention and therapy they need and deserve. She shared, “It took a giant leap of faith [to start this practice] –but my family has been amazingly supportive. I’ve also been so very fortunate to have friends and family help me and devote their time and work to create a friendly, warm atmosphere for my families to come to. It truly has been a labor of love and I am excited to watch it grow!”

    Kids Communicate would love to be the next building block in your child’s development.

    233 West State Street, Suite E, Eagle, ID 83616






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