Calling All Corvettes

    PLEASE JOIN US for a CORVETTE PARADE through Senior Residences in the Eagle and Meridian area on Wednesday, May 27st!

    “We came up with this idea because my mother lives in Eagle at Revel Eagle Senior Living. She, along with many other seniors in senior facilities are quite bored with life right now. They are pretty much confined to their apartment rooms with meals being delivered, no contact with family or friends, and limited time even to gather with other residents at their complex. Many of these restrictions will be in place through June 15th”, says Dave Wilkinson.

    “There are a couple of organizations that have done drive-by parades for Revel Eagle residents and other locations and we are happy to see another”, mentioned Tia publisher of Eagle Magazine.

    Dave and his wife Leslie encourage you to dress up in hats, sparkles, etc. and feel free to add some pizzazz to your car if you’d like as well. Some engine revving is a must! The purpose is to add some smiles to the faces of those that are sheltered in place at these residences.

    “We currently have 7 senior residences that are welcoming our parade through their facilities. We look forward to having you join us! Hey, we can’t gather right now but we can certainly drive together and make someone’s day a happier one” says Dave Wilkinson.

    “The residences have been given an approximate timetable. We will make best attempts to hold to that if possible — just do as you always do on a run and stick together. We will drive through each of the residences – around buildings as much as possible as many residents may choose to watch from windows or their balconies. We will NOT be stopping for interaction with the residents.
    We’ll start from Idaho Pizza in Eagle and end at Eagle City Hall where Mayor Jason Pierce will greet us” says Leslie Wilkinson.






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