Ahi Sushi Bar

Fresh Fish and Friendly Faces

By Kayli Corbin

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

In San Diego, there’s a sushi bar on every corner. You’ll never know the quality that you’re going to get and the prices can be astronomical. There’s truly something to be said for a dining experience that highlights high-quality, fresh fish made to delight your palate – which is exactly what Ahi Sushi Bar has to offer.

Tawnie and Randy Makua moved here from San Diego in 2006. They loved the small-town vibe that Eagle offered and had friends that were already established here. Randy worked as a sushi chef and caterer in San Diego, so it was a clear decision for the couple to open Ahi Sushi Bar in 2007.

The customers who first started coming are now close friends – which is to be expected after 11 years of repeat patronage. Randy and Tawnie have raised their family in Eagle and are now proud employers of 3 of their children, Nicholas, Nolan, and Mahryn, who complete a variety of tasks in the restaurant. Branton and Briggs, their younger sons aspire to be sushi chefs as well! Daniel Malic is a close family friend who worked with Randy in San Diego and has been Ahi Sushi Bar’s manager since the beginning. It’s clear that this family is dedicated to providing an amazing dining experience and being close to the ones they love.

The selection available at Ahi Sushi Bar is something equally as easy to love. They have an exclusive relationship with a wholesale provider of fish sourced from Hawaii. As long as an order is placed by 10AM, they can expect fresh fish flown in and delivered the next day at the same time. Bigeye tuna and pumpkin marlin are rare treats to find in the valley, but easy finds at the restaurant. The fresh uni is such a crowd favorite, they have a text distribution list to notify customers when it’s available!

Tawnie shared, “We pride our self on ordering fish every other day. We don’t do a once a week order and our emphasis is on freshness and quality. We want the fish to speak for itself.”

The A-Bomb is a crowd favorite featuring spicy yellowtail, jalapeno, salmon, avocado, cilantro, masago, and Damn Sauce. Damn Sauce is a house-made basil habanero sauce that is sure to leave you wanting more.

The catering options at Ahi Sushi Bar are truly unique and incredibly budget-friendly. Whether it’s a house party, corporate event, or a wedding – you can get the right fit for you. A personalized catering plan is created and can accommodate your friends who would never dare try raw fish, the sashimi lovers, and everything in between. Made to order options are available in addition to a premade selection when Randy or Daniel attends your event. If you’re looking for something more low-key, you can always pick up a personalized platter to-go that includes all your favorites.

Ahi Sushi Bar is located right off E State Street and Hill Road. Their second location is expected Summer 2019 and will offer exciting new concepts with fresh fish and seafood delicacy.

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