Treat Yourself and Become Simply Lean

by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson

I grew up not worrying much about dieting or thinking about weight loss,” shares Endi Fillmore, Medical Assistant at Renu Medispa. “I have always been very active, enjoyed good health and competed in sports so I stayed at a healthy weight without much thought.  After raising five children and taking care of everyone else, I found myself overweight, tired, and frustrated.  I wasn’t  taking care of myself while I focused on my children’s needs.  I was determined to be a good example to my kids so I set a goal to train for a triathlon as a means of reaching my weight loss goal.  I competed in my first triathlon, felt great and was back in shape as far as endurance was concerned but I was still well over my goal weight.  I found the answer to losing weight through using the Simply Lean program.  It allowed me to finally look at food as fuel for my body and gain a greater understanding of how my body was utilizing calories.  I was so happy with finally having success and being at a healthy weight that I wanted others in my position to feel as good as I did.”

“We have helped people lose anywhere from 5 to 85 pounds,” notes Fillmore. “Some people come in with serious health concerns as a motivation to lose while others are just looking to drop a few pounds.  One of my favorite clients was a woman who lost 45 pounds in three months and was one of the most conscientious dieters I have worked with.  She had a precise food diary and logged absolutely everything, including how she was feeling throughout her weight loss journey.  Her energy level improved so dramatically that she started doing road races, something she never had imagined that she would enjoy.”

Tawni Weaver, owner of Renu Medispa, discovered Simply Lean at a medical conference. Weaver explains, “Simply Lean is not a lifestyle diet, requiring a long term lifestyle change. It’s a treatment program–a short term adjustment to create a body chemistry that promotes rapid fat loss while resetting the body insulin sensitivity.” She explains that Simply Lean works for patients who are motivated to stick to the protocol for 6-12 weeks. The program is a combination of real food, protein supplements, and vitamin supplements.

“I passionately believe that we all deserve to be healthy and feel good about ourselves,” states Fillmore. “Simply Lean is a great program to help you lose weight quickly so that you are motivated by success and learn how to view food as fuel to run your body and not a means to comfort your soul.”

“This treatment program protects muscle mass and metabolic rate to prevent the rapid rebound weight gain that occurs with more than 95% weight loss programs,” adds Weaver, an Idaho native and long-time Eagle resident. She points out that Simply Lean is a treatment program, not a diet and is not based on caloric intake alone. Weaver wants to “expand the availability and awareness of the program so people can use it as a tool for better health.”

Fillmore attended BYU and worked at Tulane Medical Center where she worked with cardiac rehab programs and also taught a weight loss program. She’s worked with Renu Medispa for 6 years. What she likes most about her work is “I love meeting new people.  If you haven’t struggled with your weight then I don’t think you can understand how hard it can be to lose weight.  Hearing people’s stories and seeing them succeed is very rewarding.” Fillmore’s favorite charity is the Girls on the Run. She was a coach when her girls were younger.  “I think it is an amazing program to empower girls and develop a love of running.”

Fillmore has lived in Eagle for 21 years and has 5 children from ages 15-23. “I love the small town feel! I love seeing people I know when I go out shopping, or to school or walking in my neighborhood.  People are friendly here and there is a real sense of community.”

To learn more about Renu Medispa and their Simply Lean programs visit: or call 208.939.4456








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