Time to Give Thanks: What are You Grateful For?

by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson


November marks the time of Thanksgiving. We asked some Eagle residents and business owners what they are most grateful for.

Anne Alenskis
, Corporate Communication Specialist at Idaho Power has lived in Brookwood for 13 years and enjoyed the opportunity to serve the community on the Parks and Pathways Commission. “I’m most thankful for my son, Scott Vance, and daughter-in-law, Alex Noiret. I am especially grateful for my good healthanne and the many employee benefits, including health, Idaho Power has provided over the years. As I plan for the future, it’s comforting to know my company offered options to me that will continue to help in retirement. I’m also thankful to have been able to return a day early from a conference in Florida before Hurricane Matthew arrived!”


Kristen Burris, Co-Owner with husband Tony A. Burris, Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Eagle Acupuncture: “I am grateful for life. Our purpose is to serve our patients, to help them heal or even cure them of intolerable mental or physical disease. We realize each breath of life is truly something to be grateful for.”


Laura Canales, Owner of Laura L Canales CPA, based in Eagle for 5 years:

“I am grateful for my immeasurable wealth: I have a husband who loves me, a family who still invites me to gatherings, work that I love, a sturdy roof over my head, enough food in my belly and clean clothes on my back. With this I am wealthy beyond my wishes.”


Paul Faucher, Chef/co-owner of Grit American Cuisine has lived in Eagle for 10 years. “First, I have so much gratitude to my family for supporting me through this ridiculously low-paying, rewarding, demanding, amazing career. I’m grateful for my life partner, Charon, and thankful beyond words to St. Al’s Breast Care Center for fixing her. I’m thankful for not being a parent, but grateful I can still be a grandparent. I’m grateful for the amazing Grit crew, for this great community that I love, where I live and can walk to work everyday!”


Meg Glasgow, Design Queen, Author, Mom & CEO, Finer Frames: “I will be forever grateful to the special people that have helped me along the way. Some brought challenges, but all were gifts that led me to where I am today.”stacy


Stacy Harshman, Career Management Coach, Your Fulfilling Life has lived in Eagle for 10years: “I am thankful for clean water. I recently traveled to Zimbabwe and realized first-hand how much I take for granted having water to drink any time I desire it. I feel blessed to live in the US.”


Courtland Hugues, Owner of The Schnitzel Garten (German Restaurant) celebrating 4 years in business in Eagle. “Making people happy! And having happy people around me.”


Lynn Iest, Owner, Friendly Computer Guy has lived in Eagle for 26 years: “I’m thankful that God has given me good health and the wisdom to learn from my mistakes. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, clean water and a dog that makes me happy.”


Dan Long, Principal, Sandbox Group has lived in Eagle for 2 years: “That I just happened to be born in this great country. In the words of my financial advisor, Dave Petso, ‘ if you were born in America, you already hit the lottery.’

-I’m grateful that I met a very supportive and extremely capable woman almost 40 years ago (married to Lori 35 years now).

– I’m grateful for my family, the one I was blessed to be born into which helped shape me. Also, the family that my wife Lori and I created–4 healthy young adults, all with college degrees and well on their way to creating their own world by serving and loving others.

– I’m grateful for my health: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial.

maryannaFinally, I’m most grateful for just having a daily awareness of how blessed I have been my entire life.”


Maryanna Young, CEO, Aloha Publishing located in Eagle for the past four years.

“I live in Eagle near the river and LOVE IT! I am grateful for understanding that Aloha is more than a word of greeting. In the Hawaiian culture, it’s a complete way of life. Aloha means “breath of God” and it’s being able to share kindness and unconditional love to others. We also see that kindness shared back with us.”


Joni Pursell, Registered Investment Advisor and Registered Representative, Raymond James Financial Services has lived in Eagle for 2 years
and 3 months. “I am grateful just to be asked this question and reflect! This question alone has just given me so many reasons to be grateful.

I am over the moon thankful to have 5 senses. To touch and hold a new born baby. To hear laughter. Smelling freshly cut hay. To see a magnificent thunderstorm is absolutely mind blowing and fills me with a powerful reminder that Mother Nature is the ultimate Rock Star. To taste a hot chocolate chip cookie reminds me of my mother and the many times she baked. I sit here with a very thankful heart that I have a family that is perfectly not perfect but perfect, and I have friends that fill me with their many ways of being. I am living in one of the best cities, in one of the best states, with some of the best peeps, having the most amazing time of my life! Grateful? Thankful? Yes I am!”



Pamela Kleibrink Thompson is most grateful for her husband Lance and daughter Kearney who inspire her every day to be a better person. You can reach her at PamRecruit@Q.com.








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