The Spirit of the Spirit

Volans Tequila – Imported by Idaho’s One and Only Tequila Company

By Kayli Corbin

Photography by Emma Thompson

Passion fuels our most monumental moments and can bring light to our most mundane. When you care about something or someone, the effort and energy you pour into it amplifies, creating something truly unique and glorious. For some of us passion is rooted in family and togetherness. For others, the fire of passion is ignited by creation and craftsmanship. Those of us lucky enough to marry the two together have a recipe for satisfaction, joy, and a gift worth sharing. Rooted in strong family ties and a passion for high-quality craftsmanship, Volans Tequila provides Idaho locals with a product that is truly representative of dedication and attention to detail.

Chad and Cristina Allen have worked closely with their business partner and Chad’s mother, Lonnie Allen, to create their one of a kind brand and product. Their history in Eagle is long running. Lonnie owns Three Rivers Ranch Outfitters and the family have been active fly fishers in Idaho for the last 50 years. Cristina’s father, Miguel Avila, has grown agave in Mexico and developed a wide array of technical knowledge around tequila distillation for the majority of his life.

Chad and Cristina’s marriage was comprised of two weddings (which allowed them to be with family in the United States and Mexico), plenty of love, and the finest tequilas the world has to offer. Their friends and family were connoisseurs of tequilas crafted for sipping by the time they came home. Like any great business venture, Volans Tequila started with realizing there was a need. Quality tequila wasn’t readily available in Idaho and the Allen’s were ready to change that.

Their name was born of a constellation in the Southern sky. Volans features a flying fish and is the perfect way to combine their passions: fly fishing & tequila. Cristina shared that she was pregnant with her daughter at the time and searching for names fitting of their new business venture. When she found the Volans constellation, she knew it was perfect and Volans Tequila was born.

Volans Tequila is crafted at the El Pandillo Distillery, the #1 rated tequila distillery in the world. Chad shared, “Our Master Distiller, Felipe Camarena, is world renown for his improvements in the process of distilling tequila the traditional way. He also made the process more sustainable and environmentally friendly, which was very important to us. We use 100% mature Blue Weber Agave and are also additive-free – so no colors, flavors, glycerin, aromas, or any other chemicals.”

The Allen’s have focused on creating a brand that doesn’t compromise on quality. From the day that the agaves are planted to when you pour Volans Tequila into your glass, passion, dedication, and family ties are engrained in the spirit of this spirit. You can get Volans at a liquor stores across Idaho. Even if you don’t see it on the shelf, the clerk can order it and let you know when it’s available. Check out for a comprehensive list of retail locations and an insider’s understanding of their distillation and creation process.

Volans Tequila highlights the magic that can happen when the stars align and passion fuels creation. Each sip of Volans is an experience of elegance, sophistication, and the beauty that following your dreams can create.








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