The Magnificent 7

by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson


It’s a New Year’s tradition to reevaluate our health and fitness goals.. These days more and more fitness enthusiasts are choosing local hot yoga, Pilates, barre or CrossFit alternatives to the large one-size-fits-all health clubs. The benefits to this approach includes a more personal connection to the instructors as well as the feeling of “finding your tribe.”

Here are seven fitness options for Eagle residents.


“CYCLEBAR®, is a multisensory fitness experience, and combines the best elements of top indoor cycling studios to help guests “Rock their Ride,” states JP Green, Owner, CYCLEBAR®. “The CycleTheater provides an unobstructed view of the CycleStar(instructor) while immersing the rider in an incredible audio-visual experience.  The CycleBeats are high energy songs personally selected by the CycleStar.  These beats help riders power through the class, and then they are rewarded with a free download of all the music from their class.  Riders can also track their performance metrics through CycleStats. Our bikes measure average RPM, power output, distance traveled, and if guests choose to compare their effort to other riders in the class, they can.  CYCLEBAR®  also provides complimentary shoes and water bottles with chilled and room temperature water free of charge.  Lastly, we provide community support through our CycleGiving program to help raise awareness and financial support for local charities through our studios.” Green’s passion is “growing people and helping them find the best version of themselves.”


Ranked as one of the best workouts today by Men’s Journal, Orangetheory Fitness ( was called by The New York Times  “the best one hour workout in the country.”

Orangetheory Fitness is a one-of-a-kind, heart-rate-based, group personal training workout broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training, otherwise known as HIIT (high intensity interval training). Backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), Orangetheory Fitness is designed to stimulate your metabolism and increase energy.

At Orangetheory Fitness, each member’s workout is tracked through a heart-rate monitor and directed by a personal trainer. After the workout, the member receives an electronic scorecard that displays his/her calorie ‘burn,’ as well as duration of time spent in each of the heart rate zones.

Classes are led by skilled instructors. Using a variety of equipment including rowing machines, treadmills, TRX straps and free weights, participants burn an average of 500 to 1000 calories per class. The result is the Orange Effect–more energy, improvement in endurance, weight loss,  visible toning, and an extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours post-workout (the Orangetheory Fitness after-burn). “If you have not tried an Orangetheory class please call us at 208-895-9076 and we will book you a free complimentary session,” urges Denise Hannum, Orangetheory Fitness Area Representative Idaho/Montana and Studio Owner – Meridian Idaho.

Michael and Michelle Pope are grateful for Orangetheory Fitness. Michael says, “Michelle and I wanted to get in better shape but did not have the discipline to do it on our own. Since January, Michelle has lost over 10 pounds and a couple of pants sizes. I have lost over 35 pounds and also have far more endurance than I ever imagined.  We can do things that we did not think we could do when we weighed more.  I completed the “DRI-TRI” Challenge as well as “Hell Week”, neither of which I could have done a year ago!” Michelle adds, “When the Meridian OTF opened in January 2016, we were in the first class.  We loved it!  From the staff to the coaches, we were welcomed and taught how to correctly do the exercises.  We went several times a week.  It has paid off.”


Patrick and Kristen Brown Owners/Coaches of  CrossFit E3 opened their gym in Eagle six years ago and moved their residence to Eagle last year. “We absolutely love Eagle, mostly because of its small-town feel, “ shares Kristen. “There are also many great restaurants and other local small businesses which we love to support here.  It just feels like home.”

“Many times, we hear people say that they need to get fit before they start CrossFit,” notes Kristen. “This couldn’t be further from the truth. We have modifications for every exercise in the gym. If someone walks in unable to climb a rope, or do a push up or pull up, we’ve got modified exercises for them to do until their strength and technique improve. We are in the business of getting you fit and healthy, not hurt. Everyone is at a different fitness level. The safety of our members is our number one priority. We make it a point to practice ‘form before load’ meaning that each lift must be technically sound before we will add any weight to it. We work hard to develop proper and safe movement patterns for every exercise performed in our gym.”

“Our gym is so much more than just a place to work out,” shares Kristen. “Our mission is not about looking good in a bathing suit. Fitness is not about vanity. It truly is about having a better quality of life. Our passion is helping people to become healthier, more fit versions of themselves. When your body is fit and healthy, you are able to be fully engaged in all aspects of your life. At our gym, we are incredibly passionate about seeing moms, dads, kids, and families adopt active lifestyles, reach their fitness goals and just enjoy everyday life.”


“TRYBE is defined as “finding community in fitness”, observes MaryKay Parce, President and Founder of TRYBE, a core training studio located in the Rocky Mountain Business Park.

“I  love my work at TRYBE,” states Parce. “For years I have studied biomechanics, anatomy, and exercise science. I often smile when I hear clients describe me as a body whisperer or the ‘I-don’t-know-how-she-knows-it’ personal trainer. But honestly, I simply listen. The secret to living a vibrant life is to feel joy in your heart, to express yourself creatively, to respect and honor who you are today, and to surround yourself with a community of like-minded people.”

Parce notes that she is often asked by clients “Am I doing this right?” She tells them “Your body is moving perfectly, every adjustment is an advancement.”

Parce states, “In the United States we are obsessed with fitness, how much we weigh, and having to workout everyday to ‘get in shape’. For me, it’s important to be kind to yourself and others. I wanted to find a way to create community and build a culture of diversity, strength, and acceptance through fitness.”


“Eagle is an amazing place to live,” says Brandee Keddington, owner of Eagle Fitness, who moved from Salt Lake City 8 years ago. “We love the sense of community and the great schools. We love this area and the people here.”

“My passion is health and fitness in every single person,” states Keddington. “Since I have three kids of my own I have really started focusing on childhood obesity. I am the current Mrs. Idaho United States and my platform is trying to help end childhood obesity one kid at a time. I want kids to have all the tools they need to live happy and healthy lives.”

Keddington relates, “I helped Sherry Rogan (local Eagle resident) lose 50 pounds through exercise and learning healthy eating habits. Her life has changed as a result and Sherry has become my ‘mom away from home.’ Our members are like family.”

At Eagle Fitness, every workout is customized to your needs in a one-on-one setting, with a partner, or in a small group. A locally and family-owned gym, Eagle Fitness offers top-of-the-line Life Fitness and Precor cardio equipment, brand new Iron Grip dumbbells, and a variety of strength training equipment. They also offer a stretching and abdominal area where you’ll find medicine balls, bosu balls, mats, resistance bands, and more to help you with your workouts. Keddington tries to keep Eagle Fitness affordable and there are no contracts.


“I help my clients define their fitness goals,” says  Nancy Sanders, Certified Personal trainer. “ I create a workout plan based on what each client wants to achieve. The personalized plan typically gives better results than a general workout plan. Because I know the client’s physical condition and medical background, I am able to make accommodations to the program to fit their needs.”

“Motivation is often difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own,” notes Sanders. “Regular sessions with me enhance the  motivation to continue with a workout regimen. I went into this business to help make people healthy. I feel inspired daily because I actually get to help these wonderful people with my gift.”


Dennis and Susan Dusho have lived in Eagle for 3 years and co-own Eagle Yoga House, which opened on June 15, 2011.  Dennis says what he likes most about Eagle is that it is a “very friendly town and there are lots of healthy activities to do both in the summer and winter.” He moved from the Cleveland, Ohio, area in 2007 and enjoys the “small community” of Eagle. Dennis says his responsibility is to “keep the doors open” at Eagle Yoga House so his wife can “teach and nurture and make sure clients keep coming back.”  Dennis is inspired by his wife Susan. “She brought calmness into my life. I’m inspired by giving–by the good deeds people do without expecting anything in return. It inspires you to want to do the same thing.” He shares that he worked 38 years in manufacturing which was a high stress environment.

Susan volunteers twice a month at Eagle Middle School, teaching yoga to special needs children. “The kids in the Special Ed. class are true yogis,” notes Susan. “They do not care what others think about their practice and they just move into a posture and do the best they can.  Which is all we can ask of ourselves.” Susan is inspired by her students including Kevin, a retired police officer who was injured in the line of duty and needed to take an early retirement. “He is so willing to work and try.  He takes barre class all of us women.”

After 20 years on  Bainbridge Island in Washington, Susan shares, “What I like most about Eagle is the people and the wide open spaces for the animals. The foothills in Eagle is one of my favorite places–it is so expansive.” Her world has expanded since she moved to Eagle. “The students have been such a blessing to  me. The big hearts, vulnerability, willingness to give, work, and try their best is such an inspiration. Yoga is about creating openness and flexibility in your life and in your mind. Yoga teaches you to accept your circumstances and to embrace your possibilities.”








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