The Grinch’s Heartwarming Christmas: Spreading Joy this Thursday in Eagle


In the midst of the festive season, the Grinch, known for his once-notorious antics, is rewriting his narrative with a heartwarming twist. In an exclusive interview with our lifestyle magazine, the Grinch revealed a side of himself that few knew existed, shedding light on the generous initiatives that define his Christmas spirit.

Everything begins with donations or through the support of main title sponsor Spartan Pools, who funds all the behind-the-scenes magic that brings the Grinch’s acts of kindness to life. The Grinch Rig, a.k.a. The Big Red 🚀, provided by Spartan Pools in their Spartan Pool Plastering truck, becomes the Grinch’s festive chariot for spreading joy through the community.


As the Grinch Rig rides through the dazzling lights of Christmas in Color, the magic extends beyond the vehicle. The Grinch’s family, including his wife “Martha May” Leah Scott and their five daughters – Averi Scott, Nikah Kai Scott, Kyah Pruitt, Olivia, and Ava Obenchain – play pivotal roles. Not only do they support the Grinch in his endeavors, but they also contribute to the intricate details, such as crafting gift bags for children during Grinch Rig rides.

The Grinch extends gratitude to his parents, Mike and Sonia Scott, who instilled the spirit of giving in him and his brothers, Corbin and Sonny Scott. He fondly reminisces about Sweet Pea Christmas Tree Lot, the reason behind making his initiatives public, as he spends a day there trading for the family Christmas tree.

HeeehheeheHA, hope to see you all in Eagle!

Special recognition goes to KTVB and Maggie O’Mara, who played a crucial role in launching The Boise Grinch as a heartwarming 7’s Hero Christmas Story last year, and reaired it this year. Additionally, the inspiration drawn from Christmas in Color motivated the Grinch to create the Grinch Rig Experience, further spreading the magic of the season.

In essence, the Grinch’s Christmas transformation goes beyond himself; it’s a collective effort of sponsors, family, and the community, proving that the true spirit of Christmas is about coming together to make the world a little brighter for others.










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