The Entrepreneurial Journey of Susan Roghani and Family


In Eagle, Idaho, a captivating tale unfolds—one of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and the seamless fusion of diverse elements. Susan Roghani, the brilliant mind behind the Camille Beckman product brand and the enchanting Chateau des Fleurs, recently shared the rich narrative of her business journey, providing insights into the challenges, inspirations, and strategies that have shaped her remarkable success.

Product display of Camille Beckman line

Susan’s journey commenced with an unexpected origin story for Camille Beckman. “We actually began with potpourri, bridal bouquets, and lace-laden picture frames,” she reveals, reflecting on the early days of the business. The transition from crafting dried floral products to creating hand cream marked a pivotal moment. “I always loved the world of fragrance and figured people would really appreciate a great, intensive hand cream for hardworking hands,” Susan says. Thus, the signature Glycerine Hand Therapy was born—a product that remains their best-seller, now available in an impressive 14 different fragrances.


The roots of this empire were firmly planted in Eagle, with the factory constructed in 2000 when the town still embraced its farm community charm. Susan’s vision extended beyond product manufacturing, aiming to create a magical mini-world reminiscent of perfume manufacturing cities in the Provence region of France. The Chateau des Fleurs emerged in 2014, bringing together various offerings such as a weekly afternoon tea, an art gallery, and a Euro-Mediterranean restaurant, all nestled within the grounds. This ambitious endeavor reflects Susan’s farm upbringing, where the spirit of creating and figuring out how to make things happen independently thrived.

Chateau des Fleur

Managing the integration of diverse elements requires a keen understanding of aesthetics and traditions. Susan draws inspiration from her British and German heritage, infusing European influences into every facet of the Chateau. “With time we plan to add some aspects of my husband’s culture as well; he is Persian,” Susan notes. This commitment to diverse cultural elements is evident in the future plan of introducing a Persian night at the restaurant, a testament to the family’s dedication to channeling their ideas into a beautiful and tangible experience.

Wedding and Corporate Events

Reflecting on the challenges faced in expanding the business into different areas, Susan acknowledges the inevitability of learning curves. “Every industry you enter has its own learning curve, and unfortunately, there is no secret key except experience,” she advises. The resilience to overcome challenges comes from hard work, dedication, and a commitment to growing through the obstacles.


With a diverse array of products, events, and a restaurant under the Camille Beckman umbrella, maintaining consistent quality and brand identity is no small feat. Susan attributes this success to the power of small yet potent teams. “Each brand has a small yet powerful team. We have consistent quality expectations and have weekly meetings to address upcoming events and customer feedback,” she explains. The crux lies in hiring the right team, nurturing them, and, most importantly, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Restaurant in the Chateau called Roghani’s.

The global reach of Camille Beckman’s products is a testament to strategic planning. Susan describes the process, stating, “We have representatives that present the products, shops come directly to us via online platforms, and we have a team member who is fully focused on finding new accounts and calling outbound.” The aim is not just to cater to upscale shops but to make luxurious quality products accessible across a spectrum of retailers, from corner drugstores to renowned castle gift shops in England and Scotland.


One of the unique aspects of Susan’s business journey is the unexpected foray into vineyards and wine production. The decision to purchase vineyards two decades ago was driven by a desire to develop them. However, the love for organic grape growing and winemaking took precedence. “When we opened Chateau des Fleurs, we decided to not just sell our grapes to other brands but to begin making our own label,” Susan explains. This unexpected venture demonstrates the seamless synergy between different facets of their business.

Weiss Wedding

Managing weddings, corporate events, and Afternoon Tea requires a multifaceted approach. Susan’s philosophy is clear: “If you care about every aspect of the experience and the customer, you will keep getting better and better.” The learning process involves deep reflection on mistakes and a humble approach to meeting the varied needs of the business, customers, and the team.


The choice of the French Chateau style for Chateau des Fleurs was inspired by Susan’s daughter, reflecting a desire to create a unique European experience. The decision to set the bar high was driven by the need for something truly distinct, a sentiment shared by both Susan and her daughter. The Tudor English style of the adjacent Camille Beckman factory seamlessly complements the Chateau’s French charm, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics.

Cy Gilbert Photography

In the ever-evolving beauty and hospitality industry, staying ahead of trends is a delicate balance. Susan emphasizes the importance of intuition and industry awareness: “It’s a balance between going with your gut and also watching what is happening in the industry.” Striking the right balance between originality and alignment with customer preferences is key, requiring impeccable timing.


As a successful female entrepreneur, Susan’s advice to aspiring business owners, especially women, is grounded in hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of ideas that align with personal passions. “Success is a mix of hard work, luck, and having the right idea fitting into the market at the right time,” she wisely notes. In the digital age, Susan finds solace in the support of family, advocating for collaboration and diverse viewpoints to create a harmonious and enduring business.

Tea Time at the Chateau

Susan Roghani’s entrepreneurial journey unfolds as a masterclass in resilience, creativity, and the ability to transform challenges into opportunities. The legacy she is crafting with Camille Beckman and Chateau des Fleurs stands as a testament to the power of passion and innovation in the world of business.

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