What people are saying about us:



“I just began using Eagle Magazine beginning January 2017 to promote my business with fantastic results! Prior to using EM, I was using one of their competitor magazines and saw only a small uptick in new clients. This firm talked me into spending thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign that did not work at all.

Since moving to solely using the EM, I have doubled monthly the number of calls/email I receive from potential clients. 95% of those call/emails are the clientele I am looking for.
Thanks Tia for having a great publication!!!”

Lori Warren – Education Specialist


“Thank you so much for putting my ornament on the cover. I have had so many people in to purchase, even people in McCall calling to order over the phone. Have a great Thanksgiving!”

Linda Western – Second Avenue



“We have partnered with EM for over a decade to promote our marketing message. We hear regularly from our new patients that they found us through our EM ad. Many of our existing base of patients also read EM and we benefit when they see our ad and remember “that’s where I go for my eye care needs.” We are highly satisfied with the results from EM advertising and are grateful to have such a classy, professional publication serving our Eagle community.”

Aaron J. Warner, O.D. – Eagle VISION One



“We advertise with Eagle Magazine because it is a professional, classy publication that stands head and shoulders above all other media in this market. Eagle Mag sends the right message to our clientele and has allowed us deliver our brand to the Eagle community. Our expectations have been met and the results we have received from our investment have been meaningful.”

Brian King, AWM – RBC Wealth Management/KMBB Investment Group

“Several wonderful current and past clients, I may never have met if it had not been for my advertising in EM. It’s well worth it.”

Carey Farmer, Group One

“Just got the best client from EM! She is fun, and dedicated. Very rewarding for sure.”

Reid Merrill – Studio Fitness (Eagle)

“We have to steal magazines from the grocery store to restock before you restock. People take them to the table and then leave with them.”

Grant Blankenship – The Griddle (Eagle)

“Advertising in Eagle Magazine has been amazing. We’ve received several jobs from homeowners calling us.”

– Nancy Taggart (Eagle)

“Seems like everyone that comes through the door wants one. They don’t stay in the rack.”

Manager Mike – Smoky Mountain Pizza & Pasta