Super Strong Fitness

Creating a lifestyle of exercise and eating well.

By Veronica Lemaster  Photos Kimberlee Miller

For someone that is always on the go, moving slow can act as a form of relaxation, but not at Super Strong Fitness.

Super Strong Fitness is a workout studio that specializes in 20-minute low impact, high intensity exercise that has been proven to be safe and effective for muscle building and bone density. At the studio, which is kept under 65 degrees so you can walk out without feeling the need to shower, you and a personal trainer workout one to two times a week on six to eight different machines. The workout is focused on creating and maintaining optimal health.

But that’s just the beginning to overall success.

Owner Jeff Kempthorne believes that having strength just doesn’t come from exercise, adding that “eating clean and healthy is a huge portion to obtain a healthy active life.”

“Making the decision to start eating right and to exercise is easy, to actually do it is where it takes real work. Having an appointment to exercise with someone else who is holding you accountable really helps,” Kempthorne said. “When a client is focusing on a healthy eating plan we discuss it regularly. You have someone in your corner routing for you [at Super Strong Fitness] and keeping you accountable.”

When making the change to a healthier lifestyle, setting up for success is the most important factor. Having a plan with goals that are attainable for you will help keep you on the right track.

“Decide on some healthy snacks that can replace the usual ones you know are not good for you. Try avoiding highly processed foods; one great way to do this is to buy food that does not come with a nutrition label, which is food from the deli or the butcher.”

Here are a few of Kempthorne’s favorite healthy snacks:

· Apples with almond butter-monounsaturated fats are good for your heart. This snack provides protein, Vitamin E, and magnesium. Magnesium helps replenish electrolytes.
· Whole wheat toast with peanut butter smear, banana slices, and dash of cinnamon—the complex carbs will last you throughout your workout. The fruit adds a kick of energy.
· Wild salmon and sweet potatoes—great for recovery, protein, and Omega 3. Good for the joints and reduces risks of muscular degeneration.
· Greek yogurt with fruit—provides a protein-packed snack. Fruit gives you extra boost of energy before workout. Provides nutrients for muscle repair and recovery if eaten post-workout.
· Chocolate milk—post workout drink. Carbs and protein for muscle recovery, great source of calcium and tastes delicious.
· Boiled egg—packed with nutrients and protein with few calories. Great for fuel throughout the day
· Avocado toast—complex carbs and antioxidants which keep you fuller longer. Able to burn energy throughout workouts.
· Hummus pita—hummus provides healthy fats and proteins to the muscles. Pitas are a good source of healthy carbs.
· Mixed nuts—high in protein and healthy fat. Super easy snack to take with you and eat on the go.

“No excuses!” Kempthorne explained. “You need to find time to get a plan together. Usually there is plenty of time, it is just prioritizing.”








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