Summer In Eagle

By Mayor Jim Reynolds

As a kid, summer was always a special time for me. School was finally out and we looked forward to a precious few months of freedom. For me, that meant going to my Dad’s place at Lake Ontario. Contrary to popular belief, western New York enjoys spectacular summers. I spent endless warm sunny days with old friends swimming, water skiing, and even sailing from time to time on a Lynda Roath 14-foot Sunfish. And in late summer my birthday came around; always an exciting time for a kid. I still stay in touch with some of my friends from that time, sharing warm and comfortable memories.

Now, these many years later, I’ve arrived here in Eagle, Idaho. I love Eagle; it is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. From my window I look out upon a vista of white and pink blossoms. These will soon give way to a sea of green and our “hundred days of sun” that mark our summer months. How spectacular, how blessed I am to live here. I have lived in many places and it does not get better than this. We are a diverse city of many wonderful facets and activities.

Some have ridiculed the idea that Eagle is a city of adventure, but look around! Where else can you enjoy so many sporting and recreational activities so close to home? I live a short bike ride from the Eagle Sports Complex, where mountain bikers and BMX daredevils of all ages share the challenging trails and vertical runs.  The many amenities are maintained by Eagle Parks Department and an army of volunteers eager to help develop this amazing asset. I am sure that, as always, it will see plenty of action this summer.

In addition, the City of Eagle and B.Y.R.D.S Cycling will be hold camps for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers from 8:00 AM until noon during June, July and August at the Eagle Bike Park. My bike as a kid had one speed and a coaster brake, yet it went everywhere with me. Today, serious bikers can have as many as 17 different bikes! Wherever you are on the spectrum, there’s something for you here in Eagle.

For the more recumbent, there is always something going on at the Eagle Library, with more programs than the libraries of my youth ever thought of offering. In June alone, they are hosting the Herpetological Society’s presentation on reptiles and the BLM’s offering of birds of prey. The Library also offers lots of books and DVD’s, board games, and movies with free popcorn.

And what would summer in Eagle be without Eagle Fun Days. As a kid, we had Fireman’s Field Days with arcades and raw oysters and clams with hot sauce. Here in Eagle nowadays, we have a parade with real firemen with fire hoses to defend against the barrage of pesky kids armed with super-squirt guns of larger and larger caliber. Much more exciting than the Fireman’s Field Days of my youth, and certainly one of the most exciting activities you will find this summer in the Treasure Valley.

Those with “flexible” palates will be heading to the Eagle Fire Department’s “Nut Feed.”  This extravaganza of Rocky Mountain Oysters and adult beverages has been known to inspire attendees to raucous and occasionally belligerent behavior, but all in good fun. And just on the safe side, Eagle Police Department is watching out for us residents. They are no longer the boys in blue, but now the boys in trendy black and yellow.

This year, there also will once again be a spectacular fireworks show. The actual location remains a closely-held secret, but if you are looking for a good spot to watch the excitement, you will not be disappointed if you plan to park your lawn chairs on the City Hall promenade.

Whatever your tastes, Eagle has something to offer to you this season. Summer has not lost its magic, even for those of us who are a bit older. We wish you the best this summer—happy days!








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