Striving to Stand Out

Alchemist Coffee

By Chelsea Chambers  Photos by Kimberlee Miller

Champion the right to be yourself; dare to be different and to set your own pattern, live your own life, and follow your own star

– Wilferd Peterson

Walking into Alchemist Coffee is like stepping into a new world. Out of the depths of the dark forest emerge intensely golden lights and the earthy smell of roasting coffee. Geometric cubes dance around the tables and the crow emblem makes itself known across the rugs and walls. People sit at small wooden tables, sipping slowly their steamy cups of espresso. Stress seems to melt away here. Everyone is at ease, like they’re exactly where they are meant to be.

“When we were looking to start and create this new brand we diligently researched and sought something unique that could be universally used to accomplish the vibe/nuisances we were looking for,” shared Tyler Freeman, Alchemist Operations Manager. “We are passionate about being different.”

Tyler, alongside Kris Price, has been in the coffee business for more than a decade. They’ve started other coffee roasting companies and have lived abroad to learn more about other coffee cultures. Over the years, they have grown quite passionate about the art of coffee.

“Our roaster, Jesse Fairgrieve, has an extensive background in coffee and is in constant education to further his knowledge.”

Besides offering mouthwateringly good coffee, Tyler and Kris also have a fervency for being a self-reliant company. They make all their own concentrates, sauces, and kombucha at their Garden City manufacturing facility.

Oh, did we mention they serve alcohol now?

Not only do they have homemade concentrates, freshly concocted kombucha, and delicious coffee but now you can relax and unwind with a tantalizing cocktail and a toasted club sandwich. Experience their holiday-themed drinks like the Fallchemist Cold Brew with maple spice and caramel sauce or the Oat Milk Cacao Mocha topped with pumpkin whip cream. While the classics are always available, their seasonal drinks options are ever-changing, which will keep you coming back month after month.

There’s a lot to look forward to for Alchemist Coffee. “We are currently building two projects right now that will open in 2022. Alchemist Outpost located in Cartwright Ranch in the Boise foothills will be a large Cafe/Pub concept. It will transition from a Cafe vibe in the morning to a full-service pub in the evening,” said Tyler.

“Alchemist Plant Pub will be opening at the end of the year as well in Downtown Boise next to Western Proper on 6th Street. This concept will be Boise’s first full plant-based Pub. We plan to open in the morning as a quaint cafe that only uses alternative milks to make coffee drinks. We will transition into a full-service pub that will be serving scratch made plant based vegan dishes.”

Keep an eye on their website and social media channels (@alchemistcoffeeroastingco) for the latest news and updates from the Alchemist crew.








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