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The world moves so fast these days. It often feels like we’ve met a million different people, running from place to place, event to event—and somewhere in between a slew of endless emails and a phone that never stops ringing, we meet people that actually make us stop, people that shift our perspective and show us that the joy in life is worth celebrating.

Sarah Patterson is one of the most influential women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her constant smile, her infectious laughter, and the way that she sees the world is inspirational. Seconds after shaking Sarah’s hand, I knew that I was going to learn something from her. She immediately began telling me about all the projects she is working on and all the goals and dreams she has set for herself. She has a lengthy list of celebrities she hopes to meet (a special shout-out to Josh Gad!) and with her drive and determination, she is guaranteed to be successful in her pursuits.

As I sat with Sarah, I asked her what she wanted to share with the world, and above all, it is to break the boundaries that we have been given. No matter the obstacle, Sarah, and her loving family, have leapt over them and pushed through to the other side. When I asked Sarah what obstacles she faces, her quick-witted response was, “Well, my first disability is my glasses. I can’t see! But I also have down syndrome.”

There are so many limitations placed on people with disabilities, but many of these limitations can be overcome with enough drive and purpose. For Sarah, her heart belongs to the stage. She is enviably comfortable in front of a camera and is a jack-of-all-trades—she is a talented actress, musician, singer, and dancer—all because she works tirelessly to see her dreams become reality. She is currently taking vocal lessons, along with dance and guitar. All-the-while, she is writing a book to help spread the word that people with disabilities can do anything that they set their minds to. The book, Inspired, will feature chapters about her life, how she was raised, her independence, and, of course, her goals and aspirations.

Sarah has been working for over twelve years at Starbucks, as well as a second job at Timberline High School. She also volunteers at Shaw Mountain as a Bingo caller, with all of her “adopted grandmas.” With two jobs, a dedicated volunteer-calling, and diving into her dreams of being on stage, Sarah has an uncanny ability to stay positive, all the while keeping extremely busy. She is also involved in the Miss Amazing Program (, which focuses on growing the strengths of girls and women with disabilities. Sarah graciously passed her crown to the next Miss Amazing this year.

Sarah has many messages to bless the world with. “I want them to have courage and to be kind,” says Sarah, as she shares one of her many joyful words of wisdom. “I want to spread my big dreams.” And she is, without a doubt, spreading her dreams! She wants to remind the world to be forever thankful, grateful, and inspired!
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