Roghani’s A Culinary Adventure

By Amanda Bernamonti
Photos by Rase Littlefield

I would dare say that dinner can be a magical thing. Dinner is a meal that brings us all together. It allows us to relax, socialize, reminisce about our day and share a scrumptious meal with our loved ones. While typically this experience is only available at home, Roghani’s is a blend of Mediterranean and Persian culture that is working to change the game on dining out, “We want people to wake up feeling great the next day and love every dish and moment spent here. In Mediterranean and Persian culture, the time spent with family at the table is the most important part of the day; we want to create an environment where people feel that level of intimacy and joy together.”

Susan and Foad, the owners of Roghani’s have opened their hearts to the community through their restaurant. “Since Susan and Foad are both excellent cooks and entertainers, people always leave dinners at our home buzzing about the experience. The restaurant is our public extension of how we like guests to feel in our own home.”

Thanks to a partnership with local gardens, you can expect to enjoy a variety of seasonal flavors when you come in. “We’re excited to change the menus with the seasons, utilizing whatever is ready for harvest from the gardens, and releasing energizing or comforting foods based on the ebb and flow cycle of the moon. We’ll slowly build more and more relationships with local farmers based on the evolution of our menu; were from a long line of agriculturists and farmers so it’s important to us to find ways to be connected not only to food, but also to the land. Gardening is hyper engrained in our blood and even on the busiest of years we somehow manage to plant a bountiful garden and harvest the goodness that comes from it for use in our home. This is just another way we are extending our home experience into this restaurant creation. Like we said, it’s a true manifestation of the Heart so there’s a lot of little quirks that makes Roghani’s so unique.”

Notably, the Persian Kebabs are a highly anticipated fall specials, but other menu favorites are the are the Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast, the Filet Mignon, and Lamb Shank. This meld of Mediterranean and Persian flavors along with along with wine made by Roghani’s are a huge part of what makes this a one of a kind hidden gem. “The restaurant is designed to feel like you’re exploring a hidden nook in another part of the world. Foad is from Iran and Susan lived many years in Greece, so their life in other countries and artistic flair is reflected in everything about our dining experience. From the show-stoppers like our marbled ceiling that Susan Hand-painted, to the smallest of details like the Chateau punch from our orchard, it’s all a reflection of our ‘Chateau home’ and what we have to offer. Five years ago, we took a small boat up the French countryside and stopped at local hidden gems to eat along the way. They were surrounded by water and beautiful land, each with their own unique flair; that’s what we want it to feel like. A secret tucked away, awaiting your awe and joy.”








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