Restored Naturally

In the Business of Altruism

By Chelsea Chambers
Photos by Emma Thompson

For many of us, there are few things that cleanse the day like a nice hot shower, lathering up in your favorite body wash and letting the fragrances steam up around you. It’s a moment of pure bliss amid our fast-paced lives.

Jacqueline Apsley started Restored Naturally in 2014, as a not-for-profit business. Prior to opening Restored Naturally, she had been creating products for herself and her family. “I have really dry, itchy skin and could never find lotions and creams that worked for me until I started making them,” Apsley told us. “I had begun to make hand lotion and lip balm for gifts for family members, friends and myself. The gifts were well received, and they encouraged me to make products to sell.”

But Apsley went a step further. “I decided to start a business selling handmade products to support a local non-profit: JEM Friends at They have a comprehensive program that helps aged-out foster youth with housing, education and life skills during their transition to independence. Every product has ‘Restored Naturally + Your Purchase = Restored Lives’ printed on it.”

Beyond simply providing high-quality, fair-trade products, Apsley, her family, and Restored Naturally have devoted their business to making an impact on the lives of the underserved, helping to create a brighter future for so many here in the Treasure Valley.

“We have many customers who have severe reactions and sensitivities to commercial products and they are so thrilled that they can actually use our products,” Apsley said. And for those like myself who are constantly plagued with dry, itchy skin, dermatitis, eczema, and other dermatological ailments, it’s an ongoing challenge to find products that actually work, rather than perpetuating the problem with overly-fragranced and unpronounceable ingredients. But luckily for us, Apsley—alongside her daughter-in-law Raimey, who has really helped push the business forward and has an incredible talent at formulating the products—have formulated a product line that not only works for sensitive and damaged skin, but also one whose profits go right back to the community. What more could you ask for from a local business?

“I do have a rather funny story. A few years back, I had a gentleman show me his feet and ask me if our Heel Stick could fix them. They were cracked so badly that they were bleeding! He had tried many other products with no results. I assured him that our Heel Stick was formulated with ingredients that would indeed help. He was very skeptical, but he bought one in spite of his skepticism. He purchased on a Saturday, and I kid you not, placed an online order for two more on Tuesday. He has been a faithful customer ever since! There are many other customers who have had the same results with the Heel Stick. It is our top selling product.”

When asked if she had anything to share with our readers, Apsley explained, “We are committed to bringing high quality safe products to the consumer. We make every effort to use ingredients that are ethically sourced, sustainable, non-gmo and organic. Our packaging is made from recycled plastic. We are currently working on several exciting new makeup items and a new line of indie nail polish. Right now, we do most of our business at the Eagle Saturday Market, word of mouth, and online, but are hoping to open a retail/manufacturing location in Eagle in the future.”
To try Restored Naturally products for yourself, visit them online at and on Facebook.








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