Rembrandts Three Trees Community Initiative

Eagle Restaurants Give Back to the Community

By Chelsea Chambers

Photos by Kimberlee Miller

Rembrandts and CACi Wood-Fired Sicilian Grill

Rembrandts has been a place of gathering in Eagle for over a decade. In the last two years, under the new ownership of long-time friends, Dale Willman and CJ Cacioppo, Rembrandts has built upon the foundation that the previous owners established—a place where everyone can get together and have an incredible dining experience. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to bring the family or host a business meeting, Rembrandts has the menu and ambiance for all occasions. The new ownership continues the original vision—a sense of belonging within the community. “And we probably put another 100 years into the building,” jokes CJ, when talking about the six-month restoration process.

A few things are changing and it’s definitely something that we can get behind. Rembrandts is transitioning into an “AM eatery,” focusing on breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The dinner and outstanding wine service is moving toward more special events. So, their evening hours might change up a bit in the coming months. Why the change, you ask?

One word: CACi.

Dale and CJ have partnered with other investors that are all part of the Treasure Valley community to create a fresh new twist on Italian. Pronounced KAW-CHI, CACi is a Sicilian-inspired, wood-fired grill. But CACi isn’t your traditional Italian joint—their team has dedicated the menu to a cross-cultural flavor experience! Their food is truly a volcanic explosion of flavor from the entire Mediterranean region, reflecting the cross-cultural influence of this volcanic island.  CACi isn’t the heavy Italian food that nearly leaves you comatose, but rather, it is a blend of fresh vegetables, seafood (and other meats!), and sauces that are typical to the southern and specifically Sicilian region of Italy. All pasta and dough, and all of the sauces, are prepared in-house for freshness and the ability to use only the best ingredients.

Opening mid-December on Edgewood Road, CACi Wood-Fired Sicilian Grill will be a family-friendly dining experience with an eclectic mix of beer and wine, and a spacious and open-kitchen floor plan featuring the wood-fired grill and the wood-fired pizza oven.

Rembrandts Three Trees Community Outreach

The team at Rembrandts wants to continue the initial purpose of Rembrandts: to establish a place of gathering and to give back to the community. This holiday season, Rembrandts is teaming up with Porterhouse and Food Services of America to give to families in need.

But they need your help!

The Rembrandts Three Trees Community Initiative is intended to support families in need and support selected local not for profits throughout the year. Three Trees is one of the few landscapes painted by the famous painter, Rembrandt, and was selected as a theme for this initiative as these three trees stand firmly rooted in support of one another—the business, along with its employees, giving to the community. Come see a copy of the painting at either Rembrandts or CACi!

Do you know of a family in need? Please submit your Community Outreach Family Nominations to And don’t worry, these will remain anonymous to the families.

Please include in your email the following:

  • The name of the family
  • A small background about them, things that might be pertinent
  • Their contact information
    * Phone number, address, etc.
  • Family size


Join the Three Trees Initiative and give back to the community by getting involved today!








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