Reaching for the Stars

The Evolution of Cosmic Body

By McCale Ashenbrener

If I were to personify Cosmic Body, a new beauty and wellness brand based in Eagle, Idaho, she’d be nestled in the corner of the cozy local coffee shop, sipping a warm market shrub drinking vinegar while perusing the latest Naomi Klein book. Her electric orange eye shadow somehow subtle under tightly cropped black bangs. Across from her, with Earl Grey tea in a flared floral teacup, sits personified Camille Beckman, the successful beauty product company from which Cosmic Body came. She wears her elegant white hair slicked back sharply, at home in a lilac linen suit. In between these two beautiful women sits Roshan Roghani, Vice President of Camille Beckman and founder of Cosmic Body. Her family legacy in the beauty industry, paired with inspired passion and purpose, is the foundation upon which Cosmic Body is built.

Roghani’s mother founded Camille Beckman in 1984 and took herbalist courses through much of her childhood. She always had a master garden to not only provide most of their food, but natural remedies as well. “She taught me so much about natural healing: how to soothe a sting, bite, clot a wound.” remembers Roghani. “The inspiration behind Cosmic Body is to make herbal wisdom easily accessible and understandable.” Roghani is committed to creating the most natural and sustainable products possible. Cosmic Body uses less refined ingredients, from 100% renewable sources, which retain vitamin content and produce less waste associated with production. They partner with local and national farmers to ensure sustainable practices and supply chain transparency. Roghani cuts no corners, she is also working to reduce waste and provide in-store bulk refill options in 2020.

The goal of Cosmic Body is to treat the body as a unified unit, with most of their products serving multiple functions. Their popular health serum Vital Woman is an overall body oil, but is also designed to prevent tearing of the perineum in childbirth and ease the discomfort of dryness during menopause. While Vital Woman was a success after two tries, Roghani reflects that “our tooth powder took about 40+ renditions to perfect.” Her passion, drive and diligence is reflected in Cosmic Body’s thoughtful product line, which she plans to make totally transparent. Roghani is working to compile all the formulas into a book. “It gives us a chance to list lots of shortcut ways people can take care of themselves with their own kitchens and pantries. If people are healthier, future generations win and humanity wins.”

Our social and natural ecosystems are changing. Scientists believe that North American birds are getting smaller due to rising temperatures, with shorter legs and longer wings. Just as animals adjust their patterns to cope with change, Roghani is doing more than just using natural ingredients, she is working to evolve an industry. “Consumer choices are very important in creating change, but it is also up to corporations to do the right thing and invest in the resources and values they claim to hold dear.  I want to invest in people.  I want to invest in our planet.  I want to invest in our bodies.”  Cosmic Body is based in an evolved business model, that values purpose over profit and works to give everyone the tools for their optimal health, relying on indigenous knowledge of nature’s healing benefits and using the least amount of resources along the way.  For Roghani, “Whether it is on a personal or planetary level, all the things we do support the health of the “Cosmic Body,” our healthy planet and our shared humanity.”  Check out Cosmic Body products at and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.








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