People Doing Good

Eagle residents creating a positive world

By Corbin Wagoner

Carrot-A-Lot About You

If you find yourself in a quiet Eagle neighborhood, and see fresh produce on a park bench, you can thank Stephen Jones.

Approximately five years ago, Jones began giving away fresh raspberries to families and their kids. Stephen said, “Kids love picking fresh raspberries. And why not? They are delicious for breakfast and on ice cream.”

After years of watching joyful kids harvesting fresh raspberries, Stephen began to look for other ways to give back. He says, “Giving is just plain fun and paying it forward creates positive synergy with each other.”

He expanded his gift giving by placing fresh cucumbers and tomatoes on the park bench near his home. In the near future Stephen will also start giving away pumpkins.

“People have left me thank you notes, and it makes my day. People in Idaho are from a kinder time. We still care about each other,” he said.

The people of Eagle demonstrate kindness and compassion for each other every day.

One Dog at a Time

When we moved to the area last summer, there seemed to be an unusually high number of lost pets on social media. Sure enough, within a few weeks I found my twelve-year-old Linus detained by a good Samaritan on the busy road behind our house. He’d never been a flight risk, but somehow, he got out of our fenced yard. We were lucky the good Samaritan was able to grab him. What if she hadn’t been there? What if no one caught him?

Enter Ladies and the Trap, three committed volunteers bringing in the elusive ones. Operating throughout the Treasure Valley, these heroines combine their love for animals with skills and patience. Creating an irresistible lure can capture a scared and hungry pup with compassion.

“If you see something, say something” is the motto. Roger, a hound mix, lived in fields outside Eagle for 53 days last year before safe capture. “Dogs are remarkably resourceful and have a strong will to survive, but we need regular updates to help them. We don’t stop trying until there are no more sightings.”

Ladies and the Trap are devoted to helping these scared dogs, but they often need to replace equipment, such as cameras on the traps. “We watch the cameras to know when to go bring them in.”

You can follow Ladies and the Trap on Facebook and visit for more information.

A Quilt of Many Colors

Bobbie Littlefield began learning the art of quilting 66 years ago from her grandmother.

Littlefield explains, “In today’s world there is much anger and frustration; quilting recharges my positive energy, transforming angst into action and sadness into joy.”

Bobbie recently finished a beautiful custom quilt to generate donations for the Boise Bicycle Project, with one of the goals to recycle 2000 bikes back into the community in 2021.

“Kids should have a bike,” she says. “If my quilt can generate donations to help more children and adults realize the joy of riding a bike, I’m happy.”

Bobbie also plans to donate 30 custom quilts to Doctor’s Hospice of Idaho, in October.

“When I am quilting in the colder months, I make dinner in the crockpot and get to work. If you come into my home and smell something cooking in the crockpot, I’m probably making a quilt for someone I care about.”

The quilt funding drive is part of the Tour de Friends biking group in Eagle. Tickets for the quilt drawing are $5 each, or three for $10. For more information, or to make donations for the upcoming drawing on November 6, 2021, call Nancy Harvey at 208-630-4711.








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