Omnia @ Eagle: A Live/Work Development Awaiting Approval

In the midst of Eagle’s rapid growth, there’s a new development on the horizon awaiting approval while promising many aspects, raises the typical concerns for those who wish to preserve the town and keep congestion low. The Omnia @ Eagle development, with its vision of modern urban living and commercial space, brings up valid questions about the impact.


In a town experiencing rapid growth, there’s a need for comprehensive urban planning. Omnia addresses the live-work space and singular commercial spot as urban-friendly and balanced for the community.


At the core of Omnia’s vision, designed by Urban Design + Build, is the concept of harmonizing life and work. The residential area of the development is designed to be a haven of comfort. Each unit along Eagle Rd (Only the units on eagle have offices, so thought we should clarify, if it doesn’t matter, we can leave as is though!) boasts three bedrooms, a spacious living area, a fully equipped kitchen, a private balcony or patio, a first-floor office space, and a two-car garage.


The modern office spaces are designed with the needs of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and remote workers in mind. The office spaces open the doors to a diverse range of potential tenants – creative, tech, e-commerce, accounting, and more.

Adjacent to the residential units on the corner of Idaho Street and Eagle is an opportunity for a small restaurant, coffee shop, or farm-to-table eatery with locally sourced ingredients. “We’ve talked to a couple of restaurants that would be a good fit and a concept that works well with the Eagle farm community. We’ll see, not quite there yet”, mentioned Nik Buich of Five Nine Real Estate, a partner in the project.


The mixed-used living environment is both economically viable and socially and culturally enriching. If approved, the development will undoubtedly increase pedestrian traffic for small retailers.


Growth is inevitable and can bring benefits to a community. However, to advocate for a balanced approach that respects the town’s history and character while accommodating the needs of newcomers and supporting existing residents and businesses. They emphasize that any development should be in harmony with the community’s values and long-term vision.


As Eagle grapples with the challenges and opportunities presented by its rapid growth, the Omnia @ Eagle development seems to balance the downtown needs of both commercial and residential and blends well with the city’s charm. The importance of preserving Eagle’s small-town charm, managing infrastructure, and respecting the values of those who have long called this town is important.








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