New School Opening in Eagle: Idaho Novus Classical Academy


In the tranquil Avimor Community of Eagle, Idaho, a groundbreaking venture is set to redefine the landscape of education. Idaho Novus Classical Academy, guided by its founding principal, Dr. Vincent J. Kane, embodies a mission to shape young minds and hearts through a classical education that instills virtues, cherishes traditional wisdom, and nurtures civic responsibility. This mission stands at the core of the school’s vision: to form future citizens who uphold the ideals of America’s founding and foster the continuation of our nation’s democratic experiment.


Idaho Novus Classical Academy’s motto, “Virtus Scientia Felicitas” – virtue, knowledge, and happiness – serves as the compass guiding its educational journey. Virtue, the cornerstone of character development, empowers students to make sound decisions and serve their communities. Knowledge, a rich tapestry woven from the liberal arts and sciences, equips them for life’s challenges. Happiness, the ultimate pursuit, stems from the pursuit of what is good, true, and beautiful, enriching their lives.


This institution rekindles the flame of American classical education, emphasizing character development as equally important to academics. Students embark on a journey encompassing English, mathematics, history, literature, science, philosophy, fine arts, physical education, and Latin. This broad education harkens back to the nation’s roots, preparing students for lives of liberty and happiness in a free society.

The academy weaves the brilliance of great books and profound philosophical questions into daily life. Story Time and Morning Forum sessions for younger students set the stage, and daily instruction in classical literature continues throughout their academic journey. These timeless tales become a springboard for discussions, igniting young minds with age-old questions that define the human condition.


Their partnership with the Hillsdale College Office of K-12 Education elevates its educational prowess. This collaboration includes curriculum development, teacher training, and ongoing support. The academy’s commitment to distinction in serving families and communities aligns seamlessly with the Hillsdale philosophy.


The curriculum employs an explicit phonics approach to literacy, underpinning language mastery. Mathematics education is concept-driven, fostering deep comprehension. The school offers a comprehensive civics program, ensuring students understand the foundations of their nation. Teachers in Idaho must be certified, but there is a pathway specific to charter schools for teachers who did not attend a school of education. This means that they can hire new and experienced public-school teachers, qualified professionals with academic backgrounds in a subject area, or highly motivated career changers who want to pursue the school’s vision Collaboration with the Hillsdale College Office of K-12 Education ensures that educators are well-prepared to impart classical education effectively.


The academy imparts grammar skills systematically and separately, fostering language mastery. Latin and Greek roots are introduced early, enriching language proficiency and connecting students to their historical roots. Science education, a window to the wonders of the natural world, intertwines history and the human aspect of scientific inquiry. The academy instills character through six core virtues: courage, courtesy, honesty, perseverance, self-government, and service. These virtues permeate the school culture, shaping students into citizens of integrity and purpose.

Enrollment is open to children across Idaho, with preference categories in place to ensure fairness. Sibling preference and proximity play a role, emphasizing inclusivity. The enrollment process, open from November 6th to March 1st, offers an opportunity for all interested families to participate. Uniforms and a clear dress code contribute to the academy’s culture of seriousness and simplicity. A distinctive approach to discipline prioritizes moral virtue and involves parents. Extracurricular activities will include sports, with a future gymnasium expansion in the works.


Idaho Novus Classical Academy doesn’t solely focus on college and career readiness but seeks to prepare students for meaningful contributions to society. The well-rounded education ensures students have the depth of knowledge and character necessary to flourish. The academy plans to offer transportation within several communities, enhancing accessibility. The school lunch program emphasizes quality, with a focus on fresh ingredients and balanced nutrition.


Molding students into virtuous, knowledgeable, and happy citizens to carry the torch of America’s democratic ideals. The institution stands poised to transform lives.











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