Moving on

Honoring a business founder and beloved husband

By Barb Law Shelley
Photos by Emma Thompson

When her beloved husband and business partner passed away unexpectedly in March of 2018, Karen Sassadeck was inundated with decisions to make and heart-breaking grief to process.

Should she keep the business open? Would their patients support the business after the death of its founder, Dr. Lawrence Sassadeck, or “Doc” as he was known? Would keeping the business open to serve and honor his legacy be right or was it better to move on into a new field? “Doc” a second-generation chiropractic physician practiced for 41 years, with 21 years on the east coast. After vacationing in Idaho, they fell in love with the community, he and Karen, and daughter Lauren, moved from Virginia in 2001 to establish his practice in the quiet calm of Southwest Idaho.

In Eagle, he and Karen founded Complementary & Integrative Medicine of Eagle, for over 17 years. Larry as the chiropractor and Karen the clinic administrator, happily worked together for over 28 years. “Larry cared deeply for his patients” Karen says. He even had a patient move to Idaho from Virginia just to continue care. Quite a few would visit just to be treated, while they toured Idaho.  Dr. Larry was 66 years young when he passed.

Ultimately, Karen had serious decisions to make, while grieving for her loss she had to decide whether to continue Larry’s legacy or venture on a new path.  She decided to do both, and on July 4th, 2018, Karen Sassadeck started an aesthetics service at CIME, called Eagle Body Sculpting, featuring the world renowned Exilis Elite™ the most powerful safe and effective aesthetic treatment available for skin-tightening and body sculpting. She really wanted to help women and men achieve “their look,” without going to Beverly Hills.

An additional service at CIME, is a physician guided weight loss program called,  ChiroTHIN™,  She works with Eagle Chiropractor, Dr. Kraig Knotts, DC, CCCP, of Eagle Sport & Spine (Chiropractor for Idaho Steelheads Hockey Team) as he maintains his private practice in Eagle, Karen assists him at CIME weekly, monitoring and coaching patients while on their weight loss program.  As her husband loved his patients, Dr. Knott’s loves his patients with the same care and attention. Karen loves to help people as well, especially with weight loss, she advises, “Don’t over-think the foods you can’t have, focus on foods you can have and make sure they come from clean, organic sources. Your food presentation should be colorful and pretty, because, we first eat with our eyes.”  She further teaches your palate will change as you eat clean, natural foods. You will begin to crave whole foods rather than processed foods. “Be mindful of what you put into your body,” she advises.

Continuing CIME without Dr. Larry is challenging, but “our patients trust means so much as they continue to seek our services.” says Karen. “Serving and helping patients was Doc’s whole life. He loved his patients. I am happy I can continue his legacy of care.”

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