Misty Tyme’s The Forgiveness Solution: A Step by Step Guide to Let it Go

By Kayli Corbin
Photography by Emma Thompson

To put it simply, Misty Tyme wears many hats. At the base of all her roles is one thing – forgiveness. As an Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Certified Death Doula, Interfaith Reverend, wife, and mother of six, Misty has gained an incredible wealth of life experience and participated in some serious soul searching. She came to Boise to fuel her family’s love for the outdoors and be closer to her grandchildren and oldest son, who currently serves the Boise Police Department.

Before she began her second career, Misty worked for medical device companies. Ready for a change and searching for career fulfillment led her to One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Her journey into a deep understanding and explanation of forgiveness practices was prompted when her twin brother took his own life. Anyone who has lost someone knows the sadness, grief, anger, and overall hurt that can accompany death. Misty realized that she wanted to solve her own problem and that process started with learning how to forgive.

She talked to rabbis, pastors, spiritual leaders, and everyone in between. The forgiveness algorithm was born of the countless conversations and research Misty conducted, and gives structure and guidance to an otherwise misinterpreted concept. Her background in the medical profession meant that she had a knack for identifying processes. She wrote the algorithm on a napkin and the idea began to grow.

Her book, The Forgiveness Solution, is a beautiful combination of life experience, stories, self-reflection, and most importantly – guidance. Misconceptions around forgiveness permeate our lives and prevent us from tapping into the true power that it can offer. You have the authority to heal yourself, create healthy boundaries, and learn from the experiences of your past. To forgive is not to forget. To forgive is to separate anger and pain, identify your expectations of yourself and others, and understand that some people have the will to change, but are lacking the skill to be successful at doing so. Which is one of many amazing ‘Mistyisms’ that are sure to change your life.

Misty spoke very highly of the benefit that forgiveness has in hospice situations. She offers coursework that trains hospice providers how to facilitate forgiveness conversations at the end of life. Additional courses geared for anyone and everyone are available on her website mistytyme.com and include a completely free introductory course that outlines what forgiveness really means.

Misty brings humor and lightness to life’s most challenging situations. She says that sadness slaps our hearts closed. When we find joy and laughter, we are open to receive healing knowledge. This perspective makes her a dynamic storyteller and a passionate professional filled with heart and a healthy dose of reality.

Her mission is clear: to bring a forgiveness tool to a cynical world that is craving a way to let go of pain and anger. If you find yourself riding the waves of un-forgiveness you owe it to yourself to explore the work of Misty Tyme and find power in forgiveness. You can get your hands on her book at any major bookstore or on Amazon and her all her coursework and training material is available on her website.

Forgiveness is the link between love and healing. The time to forgive is now, and you have the power to do so.








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