Mathnasium: Stamp of approval from my personal experience

“In just a few short months, they have gained extraordinary confidence with their math.”

As the editor of Eagle Magazine and a mother to two sons, Liam and Niall, I’ve had the privilege of delving into Mathnasium’s unique approach to tutoring in their learning program, guided by insights from Dan Hintz, the local Mathnasium franchise owner. “We start by listening to what’s going on with a student and what are the parent’s/student’s goals,” Dan shared, echoing Mathnasium’s commitment to personalized learning. “Once we know exactly where they are at in their math skills, we recommend a learning plan and then adjust to parent/student goals,” he explained, emphasizing the tailored approach to addressing each student’s needs.

Fun and engaging atmosphere that keeps kids motivated to learn at Mathnasium

There are four math Mathnasium learning centers in the Treasure Valley.

However, Dan is excited to be the first Mathnasium owner among 1100 centers in the nation to also offer math help in your home, setting them apart from traditional tutoring centers.  Hundreds of Eagle families over the past decade have driven to Meridian Mathnasium, but for some it’s a bit too far, so corporate Mathnasium is allowing Dan to send his tutors to you!

Reflecting on my sons’ experience at Mathnasium, I couldn’t help but echo the sentiments of countless other parents. “In just a few short months, they have gained extraordinary confidence with their math,” drawing parallels between their journey and the testimonials from Mathnasium parents. “The boys love going to Mathnasium, partially due to the reward system and the kickback atmosphere. It’s an engaging approach that keeps learning fun.”

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Dan’s insights shed light on Mathnasium’s comprehensive curriculum and teaching strategies. “Mathnasium materials teach math in a way that makes sense to students,” he noted, highlighting the program’s effectiveness in resonating with learners. “We retest and reteach until they are able to demonstrate mastery, before moving them on to higher concepts,” he added, underscoring the importance of reinforcing mastery before progression.

Through collaborative efforts with families and continuous training for tutors, Mathnasium ensures a supportive learning environment. “When we meet with a family, we draw out a picture of a brick wall with missing bricks,” Dan explained, illustrating the process of identifying and addressing math gaps. “Our rigorous testing, screening, and continuous training process for instructors make our staff the best math help resource anywhere,” he added, emphasizing the dedication to excellence in tutoring.

Mathnasium’s approach to tutoring transcends traditional methods, offering a tailored learning experience addressing individual needs and cultivating long-term success in mathematics.

From personalized assessments to supportive teaching strategies, Mathnasium equips students like Liam and Niall with the tools they need to excel academically and beyond. As the editor of Eagle Magazine and a Mathnasium mom myself, I’m excited to spread the news that now Mathnasium can help your students anywhere you want… in center, in home, in a library, or online with a live face to face tutor… and in any way you want… just 1 on 1 homework help, a learning program to fill in math gaps, or any combination!

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