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Mike Beiriger – Local Author

By Chelsea Chambers   Photos by Heather Claramunt

Eagle author, Mike Beiriger, hails from Kansas City where he attended the University of Kansas for English and TV/film Journalism. But shortly after school, Mike dropped everything and headed to Los Angeles with aspirations in the film and music recording industry. This rock n’ roll-driven life choice turned out to be a great success and he spent the next several decades as a sound engineer, recording for bands like Heart, Cheap Trick, and Queen. Mike accumulated six gold and platinum records as well as two Emmys during his career.

But as the story often goes, it was time for a change and Mike decided to dive back to his roots and try his hand in the world of writing. Since he began writing again, just ten years ago, he has published seven novels, further proving his enviable levels of drive and determination.

“My wife, Mary, has been both my muse and greatest source of encouragement,” Mike shared with us.

The focus of his novels is centered around historical fiction, which requires a lot of research to get going but allows him to get creative with stories he is already interested in. “I like this genre because the history is already written, so you don’t have to reimagine the endings.”

His latest venture, Scenes from the Siege of Doblina, is a four-book series set in the early 1940s. This multi-character novel follows the stories of Polish families while their town is under Nazi occupation. So much more than just a traditional holocaust tale, Doblina paints an intimate picture of life in such a war-torn world. Because the series follows the lives of multiple characters, Mike is able to unravel the very fabrics of reality that we all cling to and open his readers’ eyes to an existence that many have never, and will never, experience.

When he’s not writing, Mike spends his time honing his photography skills, cooking, and fishing in Idaho’s many beautiful outdoor spaces. If you’d like to learn more about Mike and his novels, visit him on Facebook @scenesfromtheseigeofdoblina. His books are available for purchase on Amazon by simply entering “Michael Beiriger” in the search bar.

Book Descriptions:

  • Tonight! The Charlie Manson Band is a rocking pulp fiction “what if?” story that describes what could have happened if Manson had not been suspected for the gruesome 1969 murders. Pop stardom awaited.
  • The Jackal Scroll is a chilling horror story about a 1927 London vampire desperate to re-connect with his royal Egyptian roots.
  • GTO Road is an action tale of 1972 Northern California drug smugglers using hot muscle cars to move their product.
  • Scenes from the Siege of Doblina is a four-volume series narrating the five-year saga of a small Polish town suffering, struggling, and surviving under Nazi repression and genocide.








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