Edgeview Equestrian Center

Youth-centric training and boarding facility.

By Ryon Morrin

Stevee Keller has always known that she wanted to be on a horse. In her earlier years, she expressed a desire to ride, and at the age of five, her parents made it a reality. As time passed, her passion grew, leading her to great heights as a competitor. Fast forward to the present day, and Stevee is using her wealth of knowledge and experience to teach others about the sport she has embraced her whole life.

Her business, Edgeview Equestrian Center, is unique to the area because it focuses on working with youth riders. Currently, Stevee’s facility is the only facility that exclusively helps kids reach their goals while instilling essential values, such as discipline and dedication. Their devotion to their horses and the sport never wavers because they are pursuing what they love most. As a former youth competitor, Stevee understands the importance of having a strong foundation, and EEC is allowing her to help a new generation build their own with proper guidance.

The roughly 10-acre property off Highway 16 in Eagle was carefully plotted and designed with the needs of a rider in mind. Horses, which are boarded at the center, are free to roam the pasture throughout the day, ensuring that they are sufficiently active and healthy. Authentic practice spaces for dressage, cross country, and showjumping are available to riders, ensuring they can focus on their event of choice.

However, due to popularity, the center’s focus is on three-day eventing. The barn offers storage for gear, a grooming space in the shade, and a wash station just across the lot. While these kids do have fun, they also manage a massive workload, truly earning the joy and satisfaction they receive from their horses. When I arrived, I immediately sensed I was surrounded by a culture driven by hard work; children who were half my age had dusty boots and dirty hands, moving quickly from one task to the next without hesitation. 

When asked about the overall impact her specially tailored center has on young people, Stevee said that parents just about always report an improved attitude in their child once they have started coming to EEC. Due to the time and effort required, she opts to interview all prospective riders to ensure they are serious about committing to the program. While students are accountable for managing their own responsibilities, the collective of youth riders also bonds together, supporting each other during competitions and shows. They hit the road as a team, too. Stevee has traveled with 15 kids (and horses) to Bend, Oregon for a regional sporting event. Her invaluable expertise is translated into individualized coaching for each student stepping into the arena.

This Summer, Edgeview Equestrian Center is offering four different sessions of a three-day summer camp for kids who are new to riding and want to get involved in the sport. An instructor who specializes in teaching beginners will be heading the camp, and any experience level is welcome. If you are interested in EEC, visit their Facebook page for location and contact information.








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