Eagle, Idaho Residents to Launch Boise Film Festival

The movie scene heats up in Boise, Idaho

Mark Holder and Christine Holder, residents of Eagle, Idaho, are preparing to launch the Boise Film Festival, a project born out of their passion for film and their desire to bring more cultural offerings to their new home. Having moved from Los Angeles four years ago, the Holders found themselves surprised by the vibrant arts scene in Boise.

Christine Holder, a founding partner of Wonder Street Entertainment, serves as a producer and manager, handling feature and television projects while also representing talent and literary figures. With a background in studio features and PR, she transitioned into management and production in 2008. Her notable projects include Netflix’s acclaimed “Beasts of No Nation,” starring Idris Elba, and the Octavia Spencer-led series “Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam CJ Walker.” She’s currently an executive producer on the hit Netflix series “Bandidos.”
Mark Holder, also a founding partner of Wonder Street Entertainment, oversees a diverse team of managers and producers while producing impactful stories for television and film. His credits include STX films’ “The Mauritanian” and Netflix’s “Beasts of No Nation.” He was also an Executive Producer on CBS’s “East New York” and the Netflix series “Bandidos.”


“When we came here, we were so pleasantly surprised by how robust the art scene was here,” Christine shared. “So, we thought, why not start a film festival? This is a city that already has the appetite for the arts.”

Experienced Filmmakers

With their extensive background in the film industry, owning a management production company called Wonder Street, Mark and Christine are well suited to take on this endeavor. Mark explained, “We have an unlimited amount of passion for film and filmmakers, and a vast and diverse experience in film and television production. That coupled with our enthusiasm for all things Boise gives us the needed stamina for this type of undertaking.”

The Boise Film Festival will take place at two main locations: the Egyptian Theater and The Flicks. Additionally, the festival will feature a special event called Throwback Thursday, held at the Egyptian Theater, where a classic film will be screened and followed by a panel of special guests to kick off the festival each year. Mark elaborated on this, saying, “Throwback Thursday will be an opportunity for the community to join together and enjoy a family friendly film and have engagement with the folks involved in making the picture”.

Christine added, “For Throwback Thursday this year, we’re starting with the feature film ‘Miracle,’ which is the story of the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team who defeated the rival Russians in an epic battle. Also, it happens to be the historical 20th anniversary of the film so there is a lot to celebrate.”

The Holders aim to make the Boise Film Festival an accessible and community-oriented event. “We really wanted to make sure that the community was involved and that they felt like they had meaningful participation,” Christine stated. “We want people to come here for something like a film festival and really see what we have to offer.”

As they work on finalizing details for the festival, including film submissions and programming, the Holders are excited to see their vision come to life.

Looking ahead, the Holders have a long-term goal of combining their efforts with the local film community and growing a successful film festival in Boise. “We want to create a film festival that is sustainable over the years, allowing new voices to be heard,” Mark shared. “And eventually, we hope to host more filmmaking here in town, making Boise a hub for the industry.”

Boise, Idaho Does Have It’s Challenges

Christine added, “One of the biggest challenges is the lack of infrastructure and crew teams here. Right now, you have to bring various crew in from out of state for many positions on the film, which is cost prohibitive. But we believe with the right support, efforts and continued work with the existing film community we can overcome these challenges and help establish Boise as a destination for filmmaking.”

Moreover, the local professional hockey team, the Steelheads, will be participating in the Throwback Thursday event where “Miracle” will be screened, adding to the excitement and community involvement.

From their home in Eagle to the vibrant streets of Boise, the Holders are dedicated to bringing the magic of cinema to Idaho with the Boise Film Festival.








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