Life of a Surgeon

Dr. William H. Fredriksson

By Krista Fennell, Photography by Cy Gilbert

Holding the formaldehyde-soaked pig’s foot steady, I used a small scalpel to make my first incision. After some basic instruction, I prepared to suture the wound shut. Almost instantly, I felt my palms begin to sweat, making the needle driver almost impossible to navigate. With this glimpse into the life of a surgeon, I could truly admire how they handle such life-and-death pressure with ease and skill.

Dr. William H. Fredriksson, one of ten physicians who independently own and operate the Idaho Urologic Institute (IUI) and Surgery Center of Idaho (SCI) located just off S. Eagle Road in Meridian, completes an average of 15 surgeries each week.

He credits his team with his ability to remain calm, cool, and collected for every patient. “My team is a vital asset,” Fredriksson says. “We could not provide quality care if it weren’t for our dedicated team of approximately 110 employees. This is something we do on a regular basis, but for those lying sedated on the table, surgery is a huge event.”

The life of a surgeon comes with significant stress and countless hours spent away from home, especially when on call. Family members sacrifice a great deal in order for physicians to be able to focus and do their job well. Will’s wife Elaine and four daughters are credited as his biggest support network. “Without my family, I would not be able to complete my job and complete it well,” he says.

When he is not at the office or at home waiting for a call requesting his steady hand for surgery, he and his family enjoy the outdoor access the city of Eagle has to offer. “Last spring, my family and I moved into our new house in Eagle,” he says. “This city is a great community for families, with a host of local eateries. When the opportunity arises, we enjoy dining together at Bella Aquila. My wife and I also have a couple’s membership at Banbury Golf Club, so we spend a lot of our spare time there perfecting our golf swing. You can even see our house from the 12th hole, just beyond the river.”

In contrast to his demanding career, Fredrickson and his wife enjoy traveling and just getting away to their Cascade cabin, an hour’s drive from their Eagle home. “This easy access allows me to relax any time I need to. I also enjoy traveling abroad. When time permits, I would love to travel more,” he says.








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