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    Providing Peace of Mind
    Story Rebecca Evans. Photos by Kimberlee Miller

    Home Management. This feels like a part-time job for those of us who own a home. Maintenance alone proves costly, but the scheduling often seems like a one-man air traffic controlling job. Executive Estate Management (EEM), established in Idaho since 2007, provides care and protection of property for residents, whether a large estate or modest home. They are the only Certified Home Watch Professionals in the entire state.

    Home Watch, the newest edition of EEM, offers hands-on and personalized protection for homes. Home Watch proves effective thanks to EEM’s owner, Gordon Dunow, who provides regularly scheduled and comprehensive property inspections while homeowners are away. An important aspect of this service includes a computer-generated detailed report emailed to clients. If Gordon discovers any unexpected property mishaps, he immediately contacts the owner to determine the best solution. “I’m so sad when I hear stories of home-owners returning from a great vacation, only to discover costly property damage,” says Gordon. Imagine preventative care for your home while you are gone, for example, that small leak gets repaired instead of flooding your hardwood floor.

    The Estate Management side of EEM helps you maintain a “house schedule” which could include carpet cleaning, window washing, lawn care, preventative maintenance, and more. EEM designs customized programs, specific for each client, and the service’s cost is based on the needs of the client.

    EEM doesn’t pause there; they’ve helped decorate Christmas trees, hang art, change smoke-alarm batteries, and pre-inspect homes prior to purchase which includes calculating the lifespan of the roof and placing an accurate dollar value on your almost-new investment.

    EEM’s program satisfies that single human need, our most valuable personal asset, and something money cannot buy:  peace of mind.

    Gordon realizes he holds a trusted and unique relationship with each client. Privacy is critical. “I’m in their personal space, caring for the one thing that they’ve invested a lot of time and money; their home. Their haven. I take it seriously.”

    EEM offers oversight of remodels and construction management. When they take on the responsibility of your home, they oversee vendors as well, ensuring each contractor/vendor is licensed and bonded and insured.

    Benjamin Franklin still said it best, especially when it comes to home care, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    If you’re interested in learning more about either the Home Watch or the Estate Management services offered by EEM, contact Gordon Dunow for a free consultation. 

    Contact number: 208.867.1936 Email address: eemllc@msn.com

    Executive Estate Management, LLC






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