Getting to Know Dr. Maria

Local Chiropractor Talks About Raising a Family and a Business in Eagle

Story by Erika Heeren

Photos by Emma Thompson

Local chiropractor Dr. Maria Sirucek has been bringing a unique approach to health and healing to the Treasure Valley since 2008. Today, she and her husband are the only board certified functional neurologists in the Boise area. Outside of the practice, Dr. Sirucek most enjoys connecting with other families in the Eagle area.

Dr. Maria, as she is known at Sirucek Chiropractic Neurology Clinic, is originally from Peru. She moved to the U.S. and attended Boston University in Massachusetts, where she earned her degree in Human Physiology.

Though Dr. Maria placed among the top in her class at Boston University, she decided to focus her career outside of prescription medicine.

“My mother struggled while taking several different medications without success,” Dr. Sirucek explained. “Watching her recovery once she turned to chiropractic care showed me a different way to help people. I wanted to know the science behind adjustments and how chiropractic care affects neurological pathways of the brain.”

She moved to California to attend Life Chiropractic College West, where she met her husband, Dr. Dax, who hails from Twin Falls.

Dr. Maria graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with honors and received the only clinical recognition excellence award for her class. She then went on to complete an additional post-doctoral certification in functional neurology through the Carrick Institute. Currently, she is enrolled in a certification fellowship program for biomechanical engineering of the spine through the Buffalo School of Medicine.

In 2008, Dr. Maria and Dr. Dax opened their practice in Boise. In 2012, they moved the clinic to Meridian. Through her practice, Dr. Maria has continued to promote a healthy lifestyle and drug-free options for healthy living.

Outside of her practice, Dr. Maria loves being a part of the Eagle community. For her and her family, Idaho is home.

“I’ve lived in Idaho longer than I’ve lived anywhere else,” says Dr. Sirucek. “This is home. Eagle is so wonderful for raising a family. Other families are so helpful, and there is so much support as a parent. I also love how supportive all of the small businesses are to each other.”

For Dr. Maria, the connection to other mothers in the community has been vital to success. She leads her local chapter table of Moms with Preschoolers (MOPs), where mothers of young children can gather and support one another face to face.

The opportunities to bond as a family are another major draw to the Eagle community for Dr. Maria.

“My children love the farmers market, and the events the City puts on – like Eagle Fun Days.”

Dr. Maria and Dr. Dax have hopes to continue to grow in the Treasure Valley community. They actively support nonprofits that benefit different demographics in the area, such as the Eagle MOPS group, the Boise Rescue Mission, and the SUDEP local epilepsy non-profit foundation. They hope to open another clinic in the area in the future as well as publishing the education they give their patients in a book!

Sirucek Chiropractic Neurology Clinic is located at 3080 E. Gentry Way, Suite 110 in Meridian. You can learn more about Dr. Maria, Dr. Dax, and the clinic on their website at








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