Gallagher Cigar Store Indians and Bill Wall Leather

“For Those with Discerning Taste”

By Haley Grugel

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

Finding new and interesting pieces of art can be an exciting adventure, but when looking at these collectables it is a true journey back in time. Gallagher Cigar Store Indians offers a wide selection of carved statues from a family of carvers that go back three generations. Bill Wall Leather boasts distinct handmade jewelry and leathers, each its own unique piece of art. These two offerings come together by collector Kevin Cornish who has created extensive online stores for his one-of-a-kind items. Kevin’s collection is housed in Eagle, Idaho but showings are by appointment only.

Kevin has had a passion for collecting for as long as he can remember. He started as a California surfer kid, and his entrepreneurial spirit lead him to buying and selling surfboards, so he could make a living doing what he loved. Kevin said, “The collector in me has taken me down many paths, at one time I had one of the largest tobacco pipe collections in the world—I do not smoke pipes, but as with everything I collect, it is the detail and the history of the product that draws me in.”

Gallagher Cigar Store Indians, found at, offers a variety of hand-carved statues each made from hand-picked Aspen logs from Colorado. When asked how Gallagher Cigar Store Indians got started Kevin said, “I’m a huge collector of anything that has a deep historical connection and I especially have a passion for Native American work. I had been collecting cigar store Indians for over 30 years when the opportunity arose for me to turn something I love into a business.” The design for the Indians goes back to the 1800’s and Kevin explained that every design and color is there for a specific reason. The shop offers ready-to-ship Indians as well as the opportunity for custom orders.

Bill Wall Leather has been around since 1985 and every piece is individually crafted out of the finest materials. Kevin, along with his love of surf, was brought up from a young age loving motorcycles. He originally met Bill Wall, the jewelry designer, through the motorcycle industry. “The extraordinary detail of Bill’s work and my fascination with anything extremely unique made for a great connection, we have been working together for over 10 years.” On the website, you can find a large variety of different hand-crafted jewelry and accessories. If you’re looking for something custom, you can contact Kevin directly.

With Kevin’s worldwide customer base, the two websites are the best way to give people the full freedom to explore everything he has to offer. Kevin explained that, at times, they do specialize in highly customizable orders which can require one-on-one attention, in which case, their Eagle location is utilized. Kevin has a true passion for his work and explained that, “you are buying art whether you have it on your hand or in your home. You are buying the story of the process and a piece of American culture.”








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