Fitness For All: Exercise and Nutrition Tailored To You

By Ryon Morrin

Photography Kimberlee Miller

With the New Year approaching, resolutions are developing, and improving fitness is chief among them. Striving for a healthier lifestyle is a popular choice, but without the right guidance, many falter along the road to success. Thankfully, the Treasure Valley is home to a number of top tier facilities and highly knowledgeable trainers who can help you achieve your goals this coming year.


A year ago, Kelley and Ainzley Anderson were introduced to Fitness Together. After observing a class, they knew that they had found a program which touts a unique, thoughtfully-designed approach to exercise. As someone who has spent countless hours in big box gyms as a member and as a trainer, Kelley has witnessed the power of personal connection in fitness as well as the struggles which accompany working out while lacking the appropriate knowledge.

Kelley and the Fitness Together Eagle trainers have the necessary knowledge and ability to train anybody with fitness goals, and Fitness Together enables them to provide guidance and structure which maximizes success. At the core of the program is a customized, prescriptive approach tailored just for you. Kelley realizes that fitness goals vary from person to person, and the plan behind those goals needs to be varied as well. He emphasizes how essential custom plans are for those looking to get in shape: “We aren’t going to throw an ‘out of the box plan’ at you… we’re going to show you what’s best and hold your hand through the process.” As part of this individualized approach, Kelley strives to establish relationships with his clients. Fitness Together puts you at the center, making your success the highest priority.

In combination with the prescriptive program, Fitness Together embraces a holistic approach to fitness, recognizing the need for a focus on three key areas. Strength training, nutrition, and cardiovascular activity are emphasized as equally important and when combined, can help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Scientific research has directed the development of these highly effective programs, and the results show the true value of approaching exercise design in this manner.

To schedule a free fitness assessment, contact Fitness Together Eagle on their website at Alternatively, send an email to or call 208-912-1FIT (208-912-1348). You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@fitnesstogethereagle)


Scott Gerratt knows that fitness plans need to be customized for each individual based on their fitness level and strength abilities. To be successful, you need a plan designed to work for you, and at The Exercise Coach, that is exactly what every client receives. However, the approach they take is different from what you get at a typical gym. The use of cutting-edge fitness equipment along with instruction from a certified coach provide each client with effective  personalized workouts.This advanced technology provides real time digital feedback used to motivate and safely guide clients to their optimal effort each and every workout.

The Exercise Coach strength training programs are for people of all ages and fitness levels, from those out of shape to elite athletes. While it is adaptable to anybody’s  current fitness level  and abilities, Scott states that the program they employ is especially beneficial for individuals who are busy, sick of gyms, worried about getting hurt and those who just don’t like exercise. The guidance and instruction provided by their certified coaches can produce transformative results in just two 20 minute workouts per week He emphasizes that The Exercise Coach program enables individuals to maintain or build the strength necessary to do the things they enjoy, things that they may have been unable to do prior to working with a coach and receiving the knowledge and support necessary to improve one’s strength and fitness level.

In combination with tech-driven assessments and fitness plans, The Exercise Coach recognizes that one of the most common reasons people don’t go to the gym is a lack of time. Thankfully, the Smart 20 workout virtually eliminates this issue. Scott states that, “more is not always better” in regards to exercise. Research has found that our muscle quality matters to a far greater extent than just movement quantity. Essentially, effective targeted exercise for 20 minutes, twice a week, can have a life changing impact on health and wellness. These compact, powerful workouts eliminate the common barrier of time, while offering clients an achievable goal to aim for.

One-on-one coaching works hand in hand with the unique tech tools The Exercise Coach team utilizes. Creating a relationship with every single client is essential; a personal connection fosters accountability, an essential element in the equation for success. Expect to be engaged, supported, and motivated every step of the way while working side by side with a certified coach at The Exercise Coach.

If you are interested in booking an appointment, contact Scott at 208-807-2668 or by email at


When it comes to fitness, Joanne Lee Cornish is an authority on the matter with over 30 years of experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge concerning nutrition, exercise, and body composition. A former body builder, she has pushed herself to the limit, surpassing any and all barriers in order to reach her goals. Now, Joanne has made it her mission to help people of all walks of life unleash the potential they possess, but have yet to realize.

Joanne asks a simple, yet profoundly important question: “When have you ever been good at something you didn’t understand?” At the foundation of The Shrink Shop lies knowledge; reaching fitness goals is possible for everyone if they have the appropriate information to guide their journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for fitness education and the promotion of self-awareness as the core of any plan is evident in her book, “When Calories and Cardio Don’t Cut It.” Her expertise regarding metabolism, blood sugar, fat patterning, and muscle gain and loss is invaluable to anyone looking to get fit and stay there for good.

Working from home, Joanne has a fully equipped gym on-site for personalized training sessions, as well as high-tech equipment for assessing your body’s composition and fitness level. As a client, you will receive an individualized plan appropriate for you and your personal goals.  Nutrition and exercise are equally crucial, but she asserts that knowledge is power and is vital to success and longevity. Joanne can give you the information you need and support you throughout the journey of fitness.

If you would like to book an appointment with Joanne, visit For information regarding her book, visit








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