New to the area: Why Boise State’s Stadium Has Blue Turf

Boise State University’s Albertsons Stadium is home to one of the most iconic and distinctive features in college football: the blue turf. If you’re new to the Boise area or considering a move to this vibrant community, you might be curious about the story behind this unique field. Here’s everything you need to know about why Boise State’s stadium has blue turf and the fascinating history behind it.

The blue turf, officially known as “The Blue,” was installed in 1986 and has since become a symbol of Boise State University and its football program. The idea was the brainchild of Gene Bleymaier, the athletic director at the time. Bleymaier wanted to create a distinctive and memorable field to stand out and set Boise State apart from other universities.

The inspiration for the blue turf came from a desire to innovate and enhance the stadium’s aesthetic appeal. Bleymaier was motivated by a visit to another university, where he saw and appreciated the aesthetics of a blue running track. This experience sparked the idea of using a non-traditional color for the football field, leading to the bold decision to install blue artificial turf at Albertsons Stadium.

By choosing blue turf, Boise State aimed to create a visually striking field that would not only be unique but also symbolize the university’s forward-thinking and unconventional approach. The blue turf quickly gained national attention, making Boise State’s stadium instantly recognizable and setting the stage for the university’s growing reputation in college football.

Since its installation, the blue turf has become more than just a field; it’s a part of Boise State’s identity. It has been featured in countless media outlets, from sports broadcasts to pop culture references, making it a significant point of pride for the local community. The distinctive color has also fostered a sense of unity and school spirit among students, alumni, and fans.

For those new to the area or considering a move to Boise, a visit to Albertsons Stadium is a must. Whether you’re a football fan or just curious about this local landmark, seeing “The Blue” in person is an experience that embodies the innovative spirit of Boise State and the unique charm of the Boise community.









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