VIP Virtual Reality Birthday Party

VR1 in Eagle

A virtual reality birthday party is an innovative way to celebrate a person’s big day. This type of party is ideal for those looking for something unique, exciting, and memorable. At VR1 in Eagle, Idaho you can have a VIP experience!

We met with the owner Brendan Symthe and asked him a few questions. 

EM: What’s the process upon arrival? Walk us through it.

Brendan: First we all get settled in with our rules and VR tutorials. Making sure everyone is comfortable and ready to play! Then we help the players get into the game of their choice. We specialize in multiplayer VR, so getting everyone into the same game is our top priority! At about an hour in, or halfway through the party, we stop for food, dessert, and presents. Then with the remaining time, we hop back in and play some more! We make multiplayer VR easy and fun every step of the way.

EM: What are the benefits of having a birthday here?

Brendan: At VR1 Arcade, you get the entire arcade to yourselves with our VIP package. This means privacy and one on one attention. We are a 5-star birthday place. There are no other places in town that offer this kind of service. Also, we are a local startup! Founded right here in Eagle, Idaho. We have an amazing menu, featuring appetizers, hot sandwiches, pizza, soda fountain, and even adult beverages like beer, wine and cocktails! Parents can kick back and chat while the kids play and have fun.

EM: How many on staff to help facilitate?

Brendan: Anywhere from 2-4 staff members are ready to assist on any given day. The owners are usually in the building overseeing everything. We provide a white glove service with every guest! 

EM: Are there any party gifts? 

Brendan: At the end of the party, every player levels up with our wrist bands! These can be collected and traded up for rewards and prizes. The birthday kid will get a gift card to our store to come back by themselves! 

EM: What games do you have?

Brendan: So many games to choose from for all ages! We have over 300 games to pick from, but we usually use our top 10 games with Birthdays. You can protect a castle with bow and arrows, have a laser tag battle, shoot dodgeballs, drum to music with lightsabers, find the imposter in Among Us, mine and build in Minecraft VR, or play racketball in space! All of these can be played together. On our website we have a catalog of games that you can choose from and switch games at any point of your session. 

EM: Anything else you want to add? 

Brendan: We are extremely busy. Our Saturdays are booked for almost 3-4 weeks out. We encourage to never walk in, and to always reserve online. This guarantees you a spot. We also recommend each player get their own headset. If you have any questions, visit our website, or call anytime! Thank you! And Step Beyond! 








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