Toast To Eagle Event

June 3rd at Heritage Park 

5 pm-9 pm 

Downtown Eagle is bustling with activities from the Saturday Market to festivals in Heritage Park. But locals and tourists, who come to the immediate downtown area, may not be familiar with the activities and businesses located in the hills of Eagle. From wineries, and flower farms, to equestrian centers, and organic farms, the hills of Eagle are home to a wide spread of agribusinesses. 

Rolling Hills Vineyard

Toast to Eagle is an event from the City of Eagle that connects Eagle, Idaho agribusinesses to the public – like Rolling Hills Vineyard in the Eagle Foothills and flower farms like Red Chair Lavender. This family-friendly event is coming to Heritage Park on June 3rd, from 5 pm – 9 pm. 

Toast to Eagle is a local agriculture-to-table experience, allowing the Eagle community to connect with these business owners and their products or services. More than 30 agribusinesses will be represented at the event, offering wine tasting, foods, fresh flowers and produce, and a spread of new activities just beyond Downtown Eagle. Tammi Halcomb, Economic Development Specialist at the City of Eagle, shares, “Agricultureis integral to Eagle’s heritage, history, and tradition. It’s important that we remember where we’ve come from and honor our roots. By bringing the hills experience downtown with the agriculture that lives up there—flower farms, wine, horses, pumpkin patches, and so much more—we add to the Eagle destination experience.” 

Toast to Eagle is the first of its kind from the City of Eagle to build awareness and connections to agribusinesses. More events are to come, such as flower farm tours, Agri-Tours, as well as a new map depicting Downtown Eagle and touring into the hills.










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