Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

    After the last four major holidays, Valentine’s Day can be a very tame occasion. For your kids, it’s a big celebration at school with cards galore, but you’ll be lucky if you put out one decoration. But of all the holidays, this one might mean the most to your loved one. There are several ways to show your love. Text them your love throughout the day, leave a note on their car, ask them to dance when there is no music, wake them up with a kiss…and shop. Here are a few little items we picked out locally for him and her!


    When he walks in the door, he smells the aroma of steak, table set, Enya or Bocelli playing in the background with lights dim, and wine freshly poured just for him.


    Wearing something beautiful, makes her feel beautiful. Every time she wears your gift with the perfect outfit, she’ll be daydreaming of your love for her.


    A hat truly embracing the love of Idaho Outdoors. Known for its great fit and durability, this hat is suitable for every guy.


    Screens often crack, or get misplaced which sends your loved one into a tailspin. Give her an all-in-one wallet with phone holder.

    PERKS OF LIFEPerksofLife

    The coffee card is underestimated. Couple it with a BPA free environmentally safe mug, and a note “I know you like perky, so here you are.”


    Perfect for the health conscious man with a daily morning routine of egg whites and half an English muffin. A practical gift that he can use and will love!

    ROSY NAILSRosyNails

    Taking care of herself is number one on the list. The promise of relaxing after a busy day with kids or work shows her how much you appreciate all she really does.


    Kissable lips with an incredible plumper or shimmery gloss, keeps her looking fabulous and feeling sexy. Tell her you love kissing her and you should practice more.

    EAGLE VISION ONEEagleVisionOne

    The bright season is among us, and these glasses are one of the hottest selling items. Kill two birds with one stone, protect him from excessive wrinkles and the harsh sunlight.


    It’s wet out there, and these stylish rain boots show you care about her wellbeing and her appreciation for style while being prepared.

    Most important, whether it’s a homemade gift or a thoughtful local purchase, don’t forget to tell your special someone that you love him or her—and why. Don’t let the day pass without honoring the person who loves you day in and day out. Show your love!








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