Host a Festive New Year’s Dinner

Kick off the new year with a visit to Porterhouse Market before the weekend! Grab premium meats, seafood, and even gift cards for awards like best dressed or poker champion, tailored to your party theme.

Stay updated with entertaining content through the Porterhouse newsletter, such as:

1. Luck-Inspired Dress Code
Encourage guests to wear colors associated with good luck—choose from a vibrant palette like pink, orange, red, or green. Elevate the ambiance by coordinating decorations with the chosen hue.
2. Metallic Mason Jar Cocktails
Elevate your New Year’s Eve drinks by serving them in metallic spray-painted mason jars. Opt for shades within the same color family or mix and match for a personalized touch.
3. Colorful Charcuterie Board
Keep everyone satisfied with rainbow-colored appetizers before the main New Year’s Eve feast. Check out the tutorial at Sarah Hearts for creative inspiration.
4. Welcoming Wreath
Set the mood right at the entrance with a reusable black, white, and gold pillow wreath. Ensure it stays current by updating the chalkboard with the correct year. Find the tutorial at Crafting Cheerfully.
5. Interactive Hat and Crown Display
Engage your guests with a hat and crown display, making the celebration both visually appealing and interactive. Discover the tutorial at Lovely Indeed for a fantastic and festive setup.
6. Disco Ball Wreath
Repurpose your Christmas decor seamlessly with a disco ball wreath. Check out the tutorial at Tater tots and Jello for an easy and stylish transformation.
7. Vibrant Streamer Decor
Embrace a colorful twist with a multicolored streamer installation. Who says New Year’s Eve has to be all about glitter and metallics? Find the tutorial at Tell Love and Party for a fun and vibrant decor idea.








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