Feelin’ Groovy Tours

Exploring with Georgie Girl

By Chelsea Chambers

Good tunes, a blue summer sky, and the feeling of four tires rolling calmly beneath you. There is almost nothing in the world that could make a road trip sweeter—other than someone driving for you. Well, a fully restored, 1976 Bay Window VW bus with new upholstery, a P.A. system, and front to back windows couldn’t hurt either. Talk about a great way to spend the day!

For Michelle Moreau Keener, it’s always been about this. After spending years in the public relations world, she was excited for a change.

“After college I forgot about my childhood dream but would joke about being a tour director as I love planning trips and researching new areas,” shared Michelle. “Finally, in 2018, after a number of years experiencing ageism in finding gainful and fulfilling employment, it dawned on me that it wasn’t too late to reach for my childhood dream and make it a reality.  So, in 2018 after a lot of research, I earned two important touring certifications – Certified International Tour Manager and Certified Interpretive Guide.”

Established in Sandpoint, Idaho, Feelin’ Groovy Tours is the culmination of Michelle’s childhood dream and a desire to road trip in a VW Bus with her daughter. In 2019, Feelin’ Groovy Tours finished out their first year with five-star reviews and a guest spot on HGTV. But, as the story goes for many of us, 2020 had something a little different in mind.

While Michelle had to park the bus, affectionately named Georgie Girl, for the last year, she took the opportunity instead to reflect on how to grow her business. She decided to try her hand at the Treasure Valley and will be launching in Boise soon. Her goal is to hit the road this summer, in mid-July.

“We’ll start the season with two regularly scheduled tours, Summer in the City, which will be focused on downtown and Garden City; and Saints & Sinners, which will focus on downtown Boise’s cathedrals, the Old Idaho Penitentiary, and Table Rock – a sacred site to several Native American tribes,” Michelle explained. “We will also offer a weekly, seasonal lavender farm tour at Red Chair Lavender Farm in Eagle. Private charters will be available as well.”

The bus has space for seven passengers. So, you, and six of your friends and loved ones, can sit back, relax, and experience the Treasure Valley in a way you never could have imagined.

In order to offset costs for business operations, Michelle will be launching an IFundWomen crowd-funding campaign, which is designed specifically to help women entrepreneurs.

“Feelin’ Groovy Tours offers a nostalgic kind of tour that will highlight the area’s history, famous and infamous personalities, a ghost or two, some well-known and hard-to-find quirky attractions and enlightening, unrecorded commentary which offers greater intimacy with guests. We offer miles of smiles and a truly unique and groovy way to experience Boise!”

If you are interested in learning more about Michelle’s story, Feelin’ Groovy Tours, or their crowd funding campaign, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @feelingroovytours. Feelin’ Groovy Tours can also be reached by phone at 833-2GROOVY (833-247-6689).








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