Fall into Flavor

    Eagle’s Autumn Entrée Guide

    By Chelsea Chambers  Photos Rase Littlefield

    Listen, who doesn’t love a good alliteration? Fall Flavors. Perfect. But it is even better when each of those flavors also starts with the letter F! Oh yes, we’re doing it.

    Whether you prefer the term Fall or Autumn, it is safe to say that everybody loves it. After the heat of season winds down and the cool evenings saunter in and the smoke clears up as the fires go out. The busy bustle of summer plans dwindle and are replaced with thoughts of hot drinks and hearty meals.

    Put yourself there with us. It’s late afternoon, mid-Fall. The color of the leaves are in full force. Your eyes are enraptured by bright reds and stunning yellows. The sun hangs brightly overhead, it’s heat gently basking across your face. A cool breeze rises up from the east and ruffles your hair ever so slightly. You sip the last of your soothing herbal tea and your stomach begins to rumble. This day is so perfect, you want your next meal to echo the same sentiments.

    What to eat…. What to eat…

    Fajitas – Casa Mexico

    Since 1997, Casa Mexico in Eagle (and their other three locations) have been serving up delicious, authentic Mexican food to the Treasure Valley and beyond. Thanks to the Rocha family and their dedication to customer satisfaction, each meal is consistent and flavorful!

    Fajitas are the perfect meal for a Fall lunch or dinner, making it a great starting point on our culinary adventure. Combined with the Eagle location’s full bar, Casa Mexico is one of Idaho’s must-try spots.

    They start with savory steak, chicken, and shrimp marinated with apple juice and orange juice for a subtle sweetness. Then on to Maggie sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and a few more spices. Cooked with onions, bell pepper, and carrots and delivered sizzling hot to your table! Served with rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, and your choice of tortillas. YUM! Visit them online for more info.

    Filet Mignon – Crave

    Doesn’t just saying the words filet mignon make your mouth water? Especially ones that are only available after 4 PM. There’s just something about it! This locally owned and operated restaurant in Eagle, Idaho works on three foundational principles: exceptional food, outstanding service, and creating a culture of excellence.

    We crave Crave, and you will too after you eat there! You have to stop in for their fantastic Filet Fettucine, braised ribs, or of course… the Filet Mignon, a prime Double R Ranch filet loaded with smashed potatoes. Top it all off with your choice of bone marrow butter or brandy peppercorn sauce. Delicious! Learn more about them online!



    Fettucine Shrimp and Clams – CACi

    Pronounced “kaw-chee,” CACi focuses on bringing the culinary traditions of Italy to Eagle. By blending influences from both Sicily and Southern Italy, they have created such a delicious, mind-bendingly tasty menu that you will keep coming back for more. Again and again.

    Between happy hour cocktails and share-sized portions, CACi is a place for friends and gatherings. But it is also the place to just get down on some Fettucine Shrimp and Clams. While it might sound pretty self-explanatory, you wouldn’t expect the fettucine and shrimp to be cooked and coated with lemon caper butter. That’s right. Lemon. Caper. Butter. Try it! Visit their webpage for more food choices.

    Fried Rice with Coconut – Rice

    Rice is the place to be if you are looking for Asian fusion food in Eagle, Idaho. What kind of Asian fusion food you ask?! All of them. Well, a lot of them. Their extensive food menu and incredible cocktail selection are impressively stocked with Eastern flavors from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. A staple of the Eagle community for a while now, Rice has definitely earned a reputation for creativity and flavor.

    While you may be thinking that Fried Rice is basic, we promise that this Fried Rice with Coconut is anything but. Delicious stir-fry rice with shrimp, peas, carrots, mushroom, onion, and of course, coconut is served in a “real” young coconut. Curious? Go see for yourself! Or visit them online.

    Fruit Bowl – Bowl of Heaven

    Moving away from the savory side of things, we’d like to introduce the next F food on our Fall Culinary Quest: Fruit Bowls! Besides being a tasty café, Bowl of Heaven also has an anti-aging section. What? Yes. They are able to use a “Pharmanex Bio Photonic Scanner to measure the levels of carotenoid levels in your skin.” What does that mean? The long and short: they can tell what you are lacking in your diet and make informed decisions about how to improve your long-term health.

    We all want longevity, energy, and health. Well, Bowl of Heaven is serving it up by the… bowl. And as for a specific fruit bowl to highlight, that is impossible! They all sound so good. From the Peanut Butter Passion Blast to the Popeye Bowl, you will feel healthier and happier after every bite! Check them out!

    French Toast – Rembrandts

    When you think of Eagle, Idaho, nearly everyone automatically pictures Rembrandts and their iconic restaurant. A truly fundamental part of the downtown lifestyle, Rembrandts has been serving up mouthwatering meals and energizing coffee for years. So naturally, they have it down to a science. Or an art. An artful science.

    You may have had French Toast, but you have definitely never have had Rembrandts’ house-made brioche French toast, cooked in cinnamon and the chef’s egg wash, slathered with powdered sugar and served with your choice of meat on the side. Brioche was made for French Toast!

    Rembrandts is now open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Visit their website at rembrandtseagle.com to learn more about their hours of availability!









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