Choose the Right Holiday Lighting

    As the holiday season approaches, homeowners face a pivotal decision – invest in the enduring elegance of permanent roofline lighting or opt for the traditional charm of temporary Christmas lights. Each option has its advantages and trade-offs.

    Permanent Roofline Lighting: Lasting Allure

    Permanent roofline lighting provides a year-round solution for every holiday. Colors and
    patterns are controlled by an app on your phone and provides you with a wide variety of preset color and pattern choices for each holiday season. Between holidays, a soft white setting can bring light to your home. These lights are built to withstand harsh Idaho weather and offer a consistent, inviting glow for years.

    Temporary Christmas Lights: Flexible Charm

    Temporary Christmas lights, often called string lights, offer a lower-cost, flexible, and convenient way to decorate for the holidays. These lights are hung along the roofline, tracing your home’s contours and creating a warm ambiance. They can also be placed on other features of the home and landscaping. While easy to install and some variety of color patterns are available, they are temporary and generally cannot be programmed beyond turning on and off.

    Making the Decision

    Ultimately, the goal is to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere that brings joy to your
    home and those who pass by during the holiday season and beyond. To explore these options further and make an informed decision, call Bill with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at (208) 600-1191 or go to for your free consultation.











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