Carrying on the Sturman Legacy

Where cigars and wine find a new home in Eagle

In the picturesque town of Eagle, a new oasis for cigar and wine enthusiasts is about to grace the community with its presence. Sturman’s, a family legacy now carried forward by owner Ryan Sturman, is set to open its third location, promising a unique and inclusive experience for all. We had the privilege of speaking with Ryan, who shared the story behind Sturman’s and what sets it apart from the traditional cigar lounge.

The legacy began 30 years ago when Mark Sturman, Ryan’s father, opened the downtown Boise location. Thirteen years ago, Ryan took the reins and embarked on a mission to make cigars and wine more accessible to younger generations. He aimed to dispel the misconception that these pleasures were exclusive and high-end. Ryan envisions a lounge where everyone, regardless of their background, can enjoy fine cigars, exquisite wine, and a welcoming atmosphere, without breaking the bank.

In the heart of Eagle, the new Sturman’s location will boast a contemporary yet comfy design, ensuring a shiny and fancy ambiance. It’s meant to be a comfortable, friendly, and welcoming space where patrons can feel at ease, whether they’re dressed for a date night or in casual attire. A massive double-deck and outdoor patio will add to the vibe with an open-air concept and pull-down shades for winter months. “One of the standout features of the Eagle location is the outdoor putting green and a built-out stage for live music,” replied Ryan. “It’s more than a lounge – it’s an experience.”

Sturman’s prides itself on its handpicked selection of cigars, tailored to cater to everyone, from beginners to experienced aficionados. With 30 years of experience, the team knows what each customer might enjoy, and they meticulously curate the cigar offerings.

What truly will set it apart is its commitment to offering more than just cigars and wine. At the Garden City location, and soon in Eagle, you can expect open mic nights, trivia, parties, wine tastings, and exclusive events for members. Sturman’s goes beyond being a simple lounge; it’s a place to socialize and have fun, “My success is tied to our customer service and staff. Without them, I’m just a building with wine on the wall. They infuse our Sturman’s culture into the experience. They are the key to my success.”

Sturman’s takes its drink selection as seriously as its cigars. The wine list is carefully curated, with a rotating selection that changes weekly. Their bottle list is a contender among the best in the business. As they move forward, a mixologist will join the team to craft an exciting cocktail menu, offering patrons a diverse array of drinks to enjoy.

As for the future, they have big plans. Beyond Eagle, they are eyeing locations in Meridian, Bend, Oregon, and possibly southeast Boise, promising to spread their unique brand of entertainment and camaraderie.

In closing, Ryan Sturman had one message for both returning customers and those yet to experience Sturman’s. “Come and try us out. I promise you’ll be back. It’s our job to keep you coming back.” He emphasized again that his staff plays a pivotal role in the lounge’s success, as it’s their warm and friendly atmosphere that truly sets them apart.








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